Monday, November 12, 2012

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful!

This statement became part of pop culture from the moment Kelly LeBrock said it in a 80's Pantene commercial.

80's Pantene commercial

Love the Internet where craziness and weirdness have in a way, become part or the ordinary. It would seem that the anonymity it provides gives carte blanche for some to live in a bizarre imaginary world. Would these people behave in the same way in their day to day lives? Well, I sure hope not! Some are needy, some are rude and some are just plain delusional!

It's one thing to be self-assured quite another to brag about whatever one has been blessed with.

One person recently popped on the MakeupAlley Skin Care Board making some interesting or maybe I should say, funny statements. She came on and made a comment to the effect that if people still had acne passed puberty it was their fault! She didn't have acne because she was using good products! She didn't have any wrinkles because she was using good products! Blah, blah, blah...

On her profile page she had a picture of philosophy products with the caption: "Products I can't live without!" Yet, on the board she was boasting about Mary Kay products stating this was the best company in the world (in capital letters) and how she got a great deal on Craig's List.

Let's just say she created quite a stir. She was "flagged" by members and so both her statement and profile disappeared. Now of course like many delusional people, she came back under another screen name, mybeauty1.

Had I known she would produce such drama I would have taken other screen captures because it ended up being quite funny. What is shown below gives a good idea of the kind of person / troll she was.

To this question...
She answered this:

To this post which brought on lots of responses...

She answered this:
And she received these reactions:

More delusion:
Of course when we give our opinions it's a competition. We get a prize for the "best post"....NOT! So childish! Thankfully, this is where she finally disappeared, at least until her next reincarnation...

Maybe next time she could consider this as her profile picture, 
no wrinkles, no acne showing. 

I almost forgot, she did send me and a few others, a lovely personal message. This made me laugh so hard, it really made my day. Just so you know, I do have good skin. The people who know me know that and as for holding grudges, not part of my personality.

Considering the "all caps" I wonder who is insecure and holding grudges? A little introspection may be quite beneficial so such a person, then again, maybe a psychiatrist would be a good thing. Who knows, meds could help? Maybe?

Gotta love trolls!!! :D

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