Thursday, November 15, 2012

Great Holiday Gift Sets for Lips

This week I had a "ha! ha!" moment! I'm a lip product junkie! There I said it!

If you've read my What's in my Purse post from a few days ago, you've probably figured it out before me.

I have so many it's almost shameful... almost. I even have some from way back when that would be considered "vintage" by now. I know, throw them away. Seems I just can't do it. I don't wear them anymore but some of them are just too pretty to let go! I guess I'm a hoarder too! *sigh*

For the holidays there are several beautiful sets out there for those afflicted with the same condition. I thought I would show you the ones that make my lips quiver with excitement. They would all make great gifts but I'm not sure I would be able to give any of these away. Me, me, me is all I can think about when I see these.

You'll have to admin, all are great deals and a good pretext to stock up on "must haves"!

Clinique. These are so tempting! Sticks are all the rage right now. Many companies are coming out with their own version but these are the ones to get. 

Clinique Chubby Stick Set Whole Lotta Color
$39.00 at The Bay

Clinique. These are at the top of my list. I love the texture and feel of these on my lips. Ever tried Black Honey? Don't be deterred by the name. It's quite simply one of the best shades ever and it suits almost every carnation.

Clinique Taste of Honey Set
$34.00 at Sephora

Estés Lauder. Classic, a nice collection of shiny lip glosses presented in a fashion forward striking Pink cosmetic bag.

Estée Lauder Art of Gloss
$38.59 at The Bay

Bite Beauty. Here might be the start of a beautiful relationship. Bite Beauty is a company that specializes in lip products. Highly pigmented lipsticks, beautiful glosses, spf sheer balms, lip scrubs, primer. In other words, all a lip junkie could wish for. I didn't know about this brand until I read about them on Tracy's Beauty Reflections. They are so cute, who could resist?

Bite Beauty Bite Size Discovery Set
$29.00 at Sephora

The NARS set is a bit on the expensive side but like I mentioned on my original post, if you are a collector and want the Soup Can, go for it!

Kiss Mini Larger Than Life® Lip Gloss Coffret
$62.00 at Sephora

Laura Mercier. High shine and high quality, the Laura Mercier kit is really, really tempting.

Laura Mercier Mini Lip Glacé Collection
$45.00 at Sephora

Korres. Great basic shades, these will keep your lips happily hydrated.

Korres Lip Butter Collection
$32.00 at Sephora & some drugstores

Sephora Collection. If, God forbid, you don't own any lip glosses or want to expand your collection, this Sephora kit is just the thing for you. 10 great shades to create numerous different looks. These come out at $3.00 each which is an amazing price when you think of it.

Sephora Collection, Gloss Lab
$30.00 at Sephora

A few of these are going on my Wish List, are any of these tempting you?

Pictures are screen captures from The Bay & Sephora


  1. some great gift sets!!! love the holidays!!

  2. Fun isn't it? By the way Niki, I tried to leave a comment earlier on your Fergie post & it didn't work. :(

  3. I am going to order first two. I love their chubby stick. I didn't like it back in days but reformulated one is so nice. I have a woppin' watermelon as a GWP and I almost used it up. oh yeah and blackhoney is nice of course! -K-

  4. K, those look great don't they? I'm also very tempted by the Korres Set.


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