Friday, November 23, 2012

There's always room for lipstick!

Recently I emptied my purse for all of you and made a shocking discovery about myself. I'm a lipstick addict!

Hmm, my excuse, it IS the one makeup item we use most. Isn't it?

I guess I've known all along but after emptying my every day bag I went to have a look in the closet where I keep all my makeup. I didn't count them but I still have many. Shocking since last May, I did a big Spring cleaning and got rid of about half of what I had at the time.

When you look at makeup in general especially when browsing new collections at department stores, all the eye colors, powders and blushes are so beautiful one would think they are like precious gems encased in beautiful compacts that when you purchase you wish you could keep in your hands at all time so people could see what gorgeous taste you have.

Not too practical. Eye shadows, we leave at home. Blushes, well, some of us do reapply during the day but this has never been my case. Compact powders, now you're starting to get warm. I do love beautiful compacts. Isn't it nice when out somewhere you discretely take out a beautiful compact to see if your makeup is still in place and make sure your nose hasn't become a shiny beacon?

Now combine this with a beautifully encased lipstick and boom!!! Instant joy!

At the end of the 1900s Guerlain was one of the first to manufacture lipstick.
This ad is from 1935.

Is there anything more beautiful than a shiny new lipstick? I'm not talking about the ones in liquid form or lip glosses that we put on with an applicator, I'm talking about a real lip"stick". High end, low end, I don't really care as long as I like the color of course, but if the case looks good it's hard for me to resist. After all, regardless of our means, a nice lipstick is an indulgence most of us can afford, isn't it?

This is not a review of formulas or colors. This is a showing of some of the most popular lipsticks and in my opinion, the most beautiful looking.

The Classics


One of the first I really fell in love with. The silver art-decoish presentation is just stunning. When you see it you know it's Clinique. It's so nice and in a way, comforting that they've kept it all this time. After all, it doesn't seem to go out of style.

Estée Lauder

Although they have come out with other stylish presentation, this one has almost always been around. I remember my mom had many of them and having worked for Estée Lauder I ended up with an extended collection myself. Not my favorite but it holds tons of memories for me


This tube has been revamped through the years but in all fairness it hasn't changed much. It's still as beautiful as ever and the rose, the Lancôme emblem, is what makes it so recognisable.


A thing of beauty! Timeless! Whether you're wearing jeans or a little black dress, this lipstick looks good every time you take it out of your purse or even, dare I say, your pocket. This one is, I believe, my all time favorite! Simple, classic.

The Jewels

These lipsticks have evolved to become true fashion accessories. Not only are you influenced by the colors they hold but depending on what you wear you might go for a Dior instead or a Guerlain. They are little objects of beauty that one might even feel intimidated to use, well almost!

Guerlain, Dior and YSL have other very beautiful tubes but these are the ones that I find have the most jewel-like qualities and they fit so nicely in a little evening bag.

       Guerlain                                                 Dior                                                        YSL 

Following the times

Lise Watier

Now our very own Canadian Lise Watier has evolved with the times. Long gone is the little simplistic burgundy tube, now it's a gorgeous metallic tube that goes with everything.


Looking less like a drugstore brand than ever, this lipstick is really stunning. I was quite surprised when I saw it. Another great Canadian company.

The Newcomers

These are amazingly beautiful tubes. Unfortunately they are not as readily available as the ones mentioned so far. I haven't tried any of them and have only seen Clé de Peau at Ogilvy in Montreal. It might be easier to find them in Vancouver, Toronto or even online. Of these I find Burberry to be the most original with it's minimalist simplicity.

Armani, Chantecaille, Burberry, Clé de Peau

The Stunner


Now this is what I call a beautiful tube. Leather covered steel, this is one outstanding presentation. The international launch date for this new line of lipsticks is February 20th 2013. This is the tube that inspired this post. When I saw it on Chic Profile I was positively blown away. Not only is the leather fabulously chic but it  should enable this tube to look good for as long as you own it. A good thing since we all know that they all end up looking a bit dull after time spent in our hand bags. This one looks elegant and sturdy at the same time. Quite a feat when you think of it. Fashion forward, it's also Art Deco inspired like the Chanel tube as well as Clinique's, but in such a different and rather innovative way.

So, are you in the mood for a new lipstick?

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