Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Best Seller?

The Body Shop's Hemp Hand Protector...

Talk about deep moisture! This is a great hand cream but there's a problem with it and it's a big one...

It stinks!!!

Ok I don't want to offend anyone, we all have different tastes as far as fragrances go and that's a good thing. It's just that this product seems to be either loved or hated. I'm part of the second groupand it makes me wonder if it has something to do with our personal preferences like for example cilantro. You either like or hate it. Seems there's no middle ground.

A web friend on Makeup Alley asked this week: "Does anyone else here find that The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector smells absolutely disgusting but works extremely well?"

I purchased it two years ago and I tried, oh how I tried to like it but just looking at the tube to take the picture below made me feel nauseous! I just don't understand how this product can be so popular, a best seller!

Total mystery!

In fact I'm a little annoyed at The Body Shop! They have great hand creams but all have fragrances that last and last, to the point that I just can't deal with them. Last summer I purchased their Wild Rose hand cream (I love rose smelling products) and received generous samples of both Absinthe Purifying Hand Cream and Almond Hand & Nail Cream. Their respective fragrances, way better than Hemp by the way, were so strong they lasted hours on my skin!

Now I do like a nice lightly perfumed hand cream but after half an hour or so I'm done, enough! These just don't give up!

I could still smell them even after washing my hands!

Since I don't want to walk around pinching my nose, in fact I'd have no other way than to use a clothespin since the smell would come from my fingers, The Body Shop's hand creams, yes all of them, are a no go for me!

After two years you would think I would have given my small tube of Hemp Hand Protector to someone but there's no one I dislike enough to do that!

Now about the Wild Rose Hand Cream...

It is a nice earthy rose smelling cream but like the others it's a bit strong for me to use on my hands and believe me, I loooove rose fragrances, in fact I'm not sure there is one rose scented product I've smelled recently that I didn't like. The thing is with The Body Shop's Wild Rose Hand Cream is that it's not like a fragrance that wears close to the skin or a standard body lotion whose smell would fade after an hour or so. I've enjoyed using a tiny bit of it on my arms for the smell but on my hands which I bring to my face often it gets to a point where it's too much so it's a no no. :(

Catherine likes it so it's hers!

Have you ever purchased a product and ended up finding it's fragrance was too strong or unpleasant?

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