Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Rouge Dior Nude Lip Blush in #459 Charnelle...

Recently I brought you a review of Rouge Dior Nude Lip Blush in #683 Esquisse and already I had my eye on another. I love Esquisse but it's an almost bright color, not really a nude and so I'm not comfortable wearing it everyday. Rouge Dior Grège 1947 is still a favorite but it's more on the beige side and not very moisturizing even with it's slippy formula. I wanted a slightly more pink nude!

Presenting my first favorite of the year...

... Rouge Dior Nude Lip Blush in #459 Charnelle...

Oh how I love thee!

Again, the beautiful house of Dior cannage pattern and although 
you can't see it on this picture, Dior is embossed on the bullet.

Look at that elegant jeweled detail!

The perfect every day color for my skin tone which doesn't make my lips disappear! When you think of it, the idea of "my lips but better" is a bit silly. Why would we want that instead of a burst of color? Well, to put it simply, it's not always appropriate to have bright or dark vampy lips in daytime. I personally much prefer to put emphasis on my eyes and since most days I opt for dark eyes I can't reach for a lipstick color that would make me look like I'm wearing a lot of makeup.

There needs to be a balance. Light eyes, dark lips, dark eyes, light lips. That's my motto.

I do like the nude lip fab but not everyone can pull it off. There's a fine line between a nude lip and a disappearing pout! It can look gorgeous on pictures with the right lighting but in real life it's not always flattering. A little color is needed and whether it pulls on the warm or cold side totally depends on personal preferences and/or skin tone.

For the every day go with everything "nude" I say try to find one that will complement your skin tone. Believe me, it'll truly go with everything!

Esquisse, Grège 1947 and Charnelle.

I found mine and it now they have a permanent place in my purse!

Charnelle is a soft warm pink that pulls one tone darker than Grège 147 on my lips and since it has a little more pink it looks more natural with my skin tone. They are very similar so you may not need both but on my lips I do see a difference and I'm glad to have them.

Esquisse, Grège 1947 and Charnelle.

I think the difference between Grège 1947 and Charnelle is apparent on the swatches above. Both would suit light to medium skin tones. I find that when I wear a little more bronzer the first works best but the second is the most natural for my carnation and it truly enhances my lips which have good pigmentation to begin with.

That's the thing with "nudes", one has to be careful not to go too much lighter than the natural lip color. That's when it somehow starts to look not so flattering.

The formula is identical to Esquisse and so doesn't last quite as long as the regular Rouge Dior. I'd say about three hours leaving a light even tint behind. The Dior claim about plumping? Well it does none of that for me but I don't mind since I didn't buy it for this. I bought it for the color and the fact that it keeps my lips moisturised and comfortable all day especially when it's super cold out.

About the Dior Nude Lip Blush range...

I spoke to two different Dior ladies and both told me that it was here to stay. Rouge Dior Grège 1947 did start as a Nude Lip Blush but was relaunched last fall to complement Dior Vernis Nuit 1947 and thus became a Rouge Dior.

Do you own a good nude lipstick? If so, which is your favorite?

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