Monday, February 17, 2014

OT Post: It's Fifi's Birthday!

Today is our girl Fifi's 9th birthday!

She was born on my couch! Really she was!

The summer before Catherine started school (she had turned 5 in June) a cute white and black girl cat started to visit our yard and she adopted our daughter. She was so sweet and had such friendly and loving dispositions that she totally stole our hearts. She started to live with us and so we named her Kia.

We knew she had been abandoned. You see there's a strange phenomenon that occurs every year in my part of the world. I do think I've mentioned this before so, sorry if it's a repeat for some of you. Every 1st of July there are thousands of people who choose to move from one apartment or house to another. In Montreal that first week of July, you can see moving trucks at every street corners. Sadly what this means that thousands of animals are abandoned, mainly cats. We were sure Kia was one of them because she wasn't a feral cat. She behaved well in the house and knew what a litter box was.

The following winter we discovered she was going to have babies and so on the evening of February the 17th, she was lying on the couch next to me and boom! A baby was coming out. I rushed to the kitchen to get my rubber gloves to pick up the little kitten and place it in the kitty tent we had purchased for the occasion. I didn't want to touch the baby for fear Kia would reject it.

She got in the tent to cuddle the baby and 30 min later another kitten was born.

That first baby was Fifi! It wasn't long before both she and her brother which we named Stripes started to have control of the house. Sadly we couldn't keep both. Why did we chose Fifi over her brother?

She charmed André! It always comes back to him doesn't it?

Adorable is what she was! Every evening when André would be sitting in the living room she would either climb on his leg or jump on him from the couch to go and cuddle up with him. As a game, he would put her back on the couch and every time she would jump back. It was just too cute for words to see that little baby kitty go after what she wanted. Since he wasn't too keen about the idea of having another cat we figured he might as well choose for us between Fifi and Stripes.

Sadly we lost Kia the following year but she did give us a beautiful gift...

She was André's cat. He's the one Fifi adopted and now she's Catherine's best pal. She's aways there for her, I always know where to find her on week end mornings, on my daughter's bed, all comfy, cuddled up next to her.

Fifi is for Fiona from Shrek but we've never called her that. It's always been Fifi.

She's our girl, Julius' big sister!

Here she is, nesting on Catherine's bed. 

Bonne fête Fifi!

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