Friday, February 14, 2014

Chanel Le Vernis, Coup de Coeur...

Coup de coeur means you like something on the spot. You know when you buy something because you simply must have it? That's a coup de coeur! Not to be mistaken with a coup de foudre which is love at first sight.

Chanel Le Vernis # 609 Coup de Coeur...

I had a total coup de coeur when I first saw pictures of this nail polish and just couldn't wait to get my hands on it. In fact when I went to my Chanel counter they had just received it and so the SA had to go look for it in a box! Seeing it in real life did not disappoint and so it's become an instant favorite!

I'm not a red person, not one bit. I find real true reds beautiful on others but I'm not comfortable wearing them, seems they're just not me. I own one for good measure but it's not a regular go to.

I need plums and berries! This color is perfect, a joy and I do think it'll be my saple up until we start to see summer collections appear. Now about that, Chanel will have four gorgeous nail polishes in their Reflets d'Été 2014 Summer Collection... *dreamy*

This week the weather wasn't that great and so this means that lighting wasn't the best. I was able to snap this Instagram on the third day. Note the little tip wear. This color requires a top coat and so this is what you see. Two coats of Coup de Coeur and top coat applied on the second day.

In real it's a little more plum, a little less flashy and so quite appropriate for the office. Not that this would stop me! :)

The formula goes on like a dream, as usual and two coats make it perfect. Dry time is fast and this is a great point. I did my nails one hour before going to bed and no pillow traces by morning!

If you're looking for a nice classic color to transition from dark vampy to spring colors, Chanel Le Vernis #609 in Coup de Coeur is perfect! Really it is!

See what I meant about Coup de Coeur being a new arrival! :)

So many pretty lippies!!!

Available at Chanel counters now, Coup de Coeur is part of an early spring collection called Variation which except for this beautiful nail polish, focuses on lips. You can see the entire collection on Chic Profile, here.

Do you like red nails? True red or more berry/plum?

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