Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Clinique All About Shadow 8-Pan Palette...

Can a girl have too many neutrals? 


So far I've steered clear of most big palettes. I've seen the popular ones, swatched them many times but for some reason I always pass. Some have colors that are too repetitive and I just don't see the point while others have colors that are either too matte or too shimmery. Often the quality of the different shadows appears uneven and I think this is what annoys me the most.

I'm glad to say that the few I have, I use and love!

Here comes a new love!

Clinique All About Shadow 8-Pan palette in Neutral Territory 2...

Please appreciate this picture! This compact is all mirror, 
what you see here was taken after my head exploded!

I did notice it when it first came out and I swatched the colors several times unable to make up my mind but this week I stumbled on Lipglossiping's review of it and made up my mind. If you've never visited Charlotte's gorgeous blog then do it but after you finish reading my post! :D

After seeing her pictures, her swatches, I figured why not? The Urban Decay Naked Palettes get a lot of love but for some reason I find 12 colors a bit daunting and I'm not much of a fan of the packaging which I find bulky. In a sleek and elegant compact, Clinique gives us 8 shades that all complement each other and I was happy to see it included Black Honey!

I'm impressed, truly I am! Except for my Black Honey Almost Lipstick I just can't remember the last time I used Clinique's makeup. I remember using some of their foundations, loved their powders but I don't think I've ever purchased any eye shadows since the ones I have are all from GWP. The quality of each shadow is really surprising.

Buttery and almost creamy they all go on very easily and each as good color payoff. Texture wise these shadows remind me a little of the ones in my Chanel Mystère quad from the 2013 fall Superstition Collection. Somewhat soft, I use a medium soft bristle brush to avoid fall out. The swatches below (natural daylight) were done with a standard brush, two passes on the shadows and one pass on my skin. Three passes on my skin for the first two shades because I wasn't sure the colors would show for the picture.

Do note that the brush that comes in the compact is a little too soft for my taste, the bristles are too long for precise application and and the sponge tip, well, that doesn't work for me much but hey, if you're stuck I guess it's better than nothing.

The first five colors on the left have more of a satiny finish to them and as you progress towards the darkest one on the right you get a little more glitter but nothing that would be inappropriate for daytime and if you shake your brush before applying to skin, not fall out.

You have to admit, I'm making an effort and I think my swatches pictures are improving what do you think? :)

From the left: Sugar Cane - Light shade of Diamonds and Pearls Duo - Light shade of Neutral Territory Duo - Light shade of Day Into Dark Duo - Brown shade of Polar Blue Quad - Hazy - Black Honey - Dark brown shade of Morning Java Quad

Until now my favorite neutral palette has been Bobbi Brown Navy & Nude. I use some of it's colors everyday, especially Cement, Beige and Slate to make my eye makeup more polished but they don't have much punch/impact except for the dark navy which has no staying power on me. Made to be an eye liner, even with an activator (by the way the spot you see on it was caused by an activator) it's pretty much useless and no way can I use it as a shadow since it's too "cakey". I didn't want an all matte palette and I especially didn't want repeats of these colors. I was looking for complementing shades with a little satiny/shimmery finish. True mattes are great for some areas of the eyes to avoid emphasizing "imperfections" but all over than can look harsh on tired eyes...

Ok I'll say it, older eyes!   *cries*

With these two palettes I now have the perfect balance between matte and shimmery neutrals for everyday looks.

I could almost imagine these two slowly walking away together in the sunset...

Ok maybe not! I'm keeping these along with Chanel Charming which is also a favorite but that one is more for "wow" looks! :)

Do I recommend Clinique All About Shadow 8-Pan Palette? Yes!

Except for Sugar Cane the lightest shade, all are hits for me. The textures are even throughout, good color payoff and I get a good 10 hours or wear over my NARS Pro-Prime. This is truly a good medley or basic neutrals and if you want one you better make your mind fast because it's a special edition (as far as I know). At $40.00 Clinique has a hit with this one and my thinking is, they should do more!

I believe I now have neutrals pretty much covered! What do you think?

Oh and please tell me my swatches are improving. You have no idea how hard it is with the crappy winter lighting for me to take these pics. Send me virtual flowers guys, peleease!!! :)

Do you have a favorite neutral palette? Oh and I love roses but my favorite flowers are daisies! :)

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