Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Sunday Post, Vol 8...

This is an OT post...

It's Julius' Birthday Today!!!

Our big boy is turning 6!

I'm so thankful to have him! This past year he was able to make me smile at moments I thought it would be impossible! In a way he's been my therapist. No need for my brother in law the psychiatrist (sorry S!) I got Julius!

In fact he's Catherine's dog. Against his better judgement, André went along with the idea of getting her a dog for her 9th birthday. She had had a pretty bad year at school and I had figured a dog would help her get through the badness that was around her. At first I thought about a poodle because a friend had one, a toy and then a giant. Since it was a no go with the Royal poodle I started to think about a schnauzer.

The decision was made quickly and André along with Catherine's godfather found Julius in a pet shop! Now don't shoot me for this! I'm quite sure our baby comes from a puppy mill, the province of Québec was well known for them but honestly, at the time we didn't know*. Her dad simply fell in love with his gorgeous black truffle of a nose and his beautiful soft and gentle eyes!

André regretted his decision many times! Julius is a barking machine and he drove him nuts some mornings. Open the door to let the dog out, open the door to let the dog in, open the door to let the dog out....... You get the idea. Still, he loved animals and I know he had quite a soft spot for Julius!

From Heaven my love must have had many laughing fits by now, every single times Julius barks like a maniac out in the yard and I want to pull my hair out!

Merci mon'Amour pour le beau bébé! Il t'a fait perdre la boule bien des fois mais il est devenu si important pour Catherine et moi! Garde un oeil sur lui pour qu'il reste avec nous encore longtemps! 

He's our baby and we love him! Bonne fête Julius!

Have a great week everyone! Hélène & Catherine xoxoxo

*Things have changed since then, most pet stores now sell animals who come from shelters and not "independent breeders".

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