Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Diorific Vernis 995 Minuit / Review

Red stars do exist!

This was the first thought I had when I saw it but as I was looking at it more closely my mind started being influenced by what I was watching while applying it. I realised that yes, Dior Minuit is a beautiful dark red sprinkled with red stars but then I compared it with my latest Dior Vernis purchase. If Nuit 1947 was reminiscent of a spy novel, Minuit reminded me of a very specific work, Dracula!

It's Rouge Noir with a twist! If Chanel's dark red was created to look like dried blood, Dior's Minuit kicks it up a notch by looking like... Crystallised dried blood!

It's a vampy dark red. Vamp, vampy, vampire! The link it there, isn't it?

You would think because my mind went in this peculiar direction that this gorgeous color was developed specifically for Halloween but no, it's actually part of Dior Golden Winter Collection Holiday 2013, inspired by Versailles in winter...

Hmm I wonder if Dracula ever visited Versailles?

The base, a beautiful dark red with a touch of plum, is sprinkled with a storm of fine red glitter similar to pulverised rubies that sit perfectly in the formula. The look is not in your face glitter, it's somewhat subtle and elegant but mostly, very smart! It's smart in the sense that any woman can wear it and no special occasion required, no need for a date with Vlad!

So the color is stunning but what about the formula?

First off it's not the same brush as in Dior's regular offerings it's smaller and quite soft more like Chanel's actually. When applying the first coat of Minuit you have to be quick about it because it grabs to the nails like no other and it dries fast! On the thin side, it definitely requires at least a second coat unless you are an expert but honestly it doesn't look it's best at this stage. The second kind of levels it up, giving it it's full depth but you may still see through it lightly especially under certain lights. The results were quite similar to Nuit 1947 and so a third coat may be your best bet if you want it to be perfect.

Once fully dry, Diorific 995 Minuit is not perfectly smooth on the surface due to the glitter and now I regret not purchasing a gel top coat because I know it will make a huge difference on how it looks, giving it even more depth and character.

The bottle is really pretty but I didn't like how the the brush felt in my hands. Due to the lack of ridges on the cap it was a little hard to hold and it actually felt as if I was going to drop it at any moment. This of course didn't help for an even application.

The formula is not perfect and neither is the brush for the way it holds in one's hand but I have no regrets! This color is a must have, period!

This entry was ready 5 days ago!!! Unfortunately we've had no sun and I just couldn't wait anymore so here are the best pictures I could come up with under different lights. Wanna bet there will be sun this afternoon? If there is, I'll update and add a picture.

Back to Dracula... 

Minuit could most definitely be worn by both Lucy, the wealthy vivacious young woman who transforms into a sensual vamp and by Mina, the young school mistress believed to be the reincarnation of Dracula's lost love. From afar it can appear metallic but up close you can see that it has beautiful shimmer again, similar to pulverised rubies or... crystallised blood...

A holiday night in Versailles? Hmm maybe... You would have to dim the lights for it just might enable you to see a constellation of red stars... Or something / someone else...

Diorific Vernis 995 Minuit is a limited edition and I get the feeling it will sell fast. Some stores don't have their counter displays yet but they do have this little beauty hidden in a drawer somewhere so if you want it, ask for it before there are none left!

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