Monday, October 14, 2013

This M.A.C Blush is finally getting a Whole Lotta Love / Review...

I'm not much of an impulse buyer anymore and so before I decide to go for an item I usually think it through. This blush was an exception since I did buy it on a whim. Last spring I needed some pick me ups and did quite a bit of shopping to compensate...

My go to blush at that time was Bourjois Rose Ambré which is darker but with a light brush swipe looks quite natural on my skin. 

I wanted more than natural, I wanted a "pop" of color!

M.A.C Whole Lotta Love would have fit the bill if I hadn't seen... Diorskin Nude Tan Paradise Duo in Coral Glow! As soon as I was able get my hands on it, all others, including this one, were forgotten and remained untouched! My Dior compact is now taking a break for winter (sniff!) but will be back in April for sure. :)

M.A.C Whole Lotta Love Pro Longwear Blush, $29,50 CAD
For once the color is right! Yay!

This blush spent the entire summer on my makeup table and several times I asked myself, why on Earth did I buy it? Well, now it's mid October and I can honestly say, I'm really happy I have it!

M.A.C Whole Lotta Love Pro Longwear Blush...

This color came out last year as part of the M.A.C Fall 2012 Office Hours Collection when several new blushes joined the regular line up. It's the perfect pink! You can make it light for a natural flush of color or you can layer it for a little more definition. Since it's pretty matte, well not to the point of looking cakey, it's perfect to use under any illuminating powder. A cool medium pink, it can easily be warmed up with the use of a bronzer which is what I've been doing. 

If you want to take a break from wine/berry shades or are a little tired of neutrals/corals, Whole Lotta Love is the ideal color to own. For some reason it makes me smile when I brush it on! Weird I know!

Oh I almost forgot, it has good color payoff! Some reviewers have mentioned being disappointed about this but honestly mine is just fine.a light swirl of my blush brush and it gives me a nice dab of color. No fall out, it's tightly pressed so it may depend on the brush used. If it's too soft you may have this issue.

Although this color might be more suitable for medium to darker complexions it can be quite nice on fair skin if used lightly by blowing on the brush before application. 

So it took me a while but I finally was able to justify this impulse purchase, feww! 

Do you have makeup items that you've purchased but ended up not using or took your sweet time to get into?

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