Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Essie The Girls Are Out / Review & Swatches

I can't believe I haven't brought you a review of this lovely nail polish until now!

Love, love, love Essie The Girls Are Out!

I tried to hide the chip on my middle finger, entirely my fault and not the formula. On the left with sun light and on the right in the shade. This is on it's own, with no top coat. Can you see the silvery shimmer?

A beautiful fuchsia pink with lovely silver sparkles. There are just enough of those to make the color more shiny, more vibrant. I've also noticed that even without a top coat, the finish keeps it's shine because of them or at least gives that illusion it's like it gives it a little extra light from within. I hope I'm making sense. :)

The formula applies easily with hardly any streaks and as almost always with Essie, the second coat makes it perfect. It lasts a good 5 days although yesterday I did get a chip. Now it was totally my fault. I've worn The Girl Are Out several times so far this summer and haven't had any issues with chipping. Tip wear, a little but it's really minimal. Although there is that little silvery glitter in it, it's really easy to remove.

Does this mean that I've forgotten about Chanel Le Vernis in Taboo? No way ladies!

I got Girls Are Out on my fingers and Taboo on my toes!!!

For some reason I can't go matchy matchy. I did it recently with Chanel Paparazzi, meaning applying it on both finger nails and toes and found it boring. True the color wasn't a hit for me but still that was not the only reason why I didn't like it so much. I needed some kind of contrast. I guess since I was years wearing nail color only on my toes, for some reason at the moment I can't do the same color on both hands and feet. Plus, it allows me to wear more colors!

Are you matchy matchy with your nail polish? What are the colors you've enjoyed this Summer?

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