Wednesday, August 21, 2013

O.P.I and Essie Fall 2013...

These two brands for me are like two reliable friends. So far I've been extremely lucky with the formulas of the colors I've purchased from both, even if sometimes the colors themselves ended up not wowing me as much. I truly have nothing negative to say about either.

Essie's Recessionista from last year's Fall/Winter collection Stylenomics was the one that got me back into wearing colors. A dark vampy plum red, it didn't let me down and I loved it so much, I got a back up. For such a dark color, it's formula was excellent, stayed on a good six days with a top coat. With it I was using Sally Hansen's Mega Shine but his time around I plan on trying a few others.

Even if it's last year's favorite color for me, kind of been there done that, Recessionista remains a front runner as a favorite for every day, again. Why? The plum factor!

I love dark vampy reds, I find burgundy smashingly classic but throw in a little plum and I'm stet! It's that little extra somethin somethin that makes it go with everything.

I haven't crossed over to greys, teal greens or dark blues, yet! I love seeing them on others but for some reason just can't imagine these on me. Since nail polish is such an easy way to make a fashion statement, I do believe I may do it this time around. After all, I spent the summer wearing Chanel Le Vernis in Taboo!

As much as I love high end nail polishes, I've satisfied my crave for Guerlain Madame Batifole and plan on having a closer look at Dior Galaxie oh and maybe Chanel Elixir but after that, I think some of these below will complete my Fall/Winter look. I just don't know which ones yet!

O.P.I  San Francisco Collection...

The theme was known and pictures have been circulating for a while now, since April in fact. Oh and last week was announced a collaboration with Carrie Underwood for Spring 2014! This is a little annoying since you're barely getting your hands on summer colors and already you're seeing the fall/winter collections. I know that's the way it is but still. The only thing that really gets me with O.P.I is their website! I always have issues with it. These below where taken from their Australian website...

Edited: Sorry guys it appears the two on the right are names from the Euro Centrale collection. As stated, I took these screen shots from OPI Australia. Their actual names are Wharf wharf wharf & Alcatraz...Rocks, which makes perfect sense given the shades. Thank you Dominique for leaving a comment and bringing this to my attention. :)

Essie Fall 2013 For The Twill of It Collection...

To get us back to a warm and fuzzy feeling, these colors are more than comfy... I love Essie, especially the fact that's it's readily available everywhere. Often reduced at under $8.00 they're affordable and the quality is quite respectable.

For The Twill Of It, a medium brown with green shimmer
Afterschool Boy Blazer, midnight blue
Twin Sweater Set, crimson red
Cashmere Bathrobe, flannel gray with shimmering specs
The Lace is On, pearlescent fushia
Vested Interest, grey teal

In Montreal and I'm sure it's the same in any major city, if you're in the habit of going downtown to do your shopping, you can find O.P.I for under $12.00 and Essie for under $10.00. Also what's fun if you stop by a salon that sells these brands, you can often get mini sizes sets for about $15.00. This is probably what I will do this year. It will enable me to try more colors.

This might be a good thing since nail polishes are the only thing beauty that interest my daughter. :)

All these are starting to be available pretty much everywhere.

What colors are you usually going for?  Me, as I've said, vampy plummy reds. :)

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