Monday, August 12, 2013

Guerlain Madame Rougit Blush / Review...

Isn't great when you can get what you want? Pictures of this stunning compact have been circulating for a month or so and ever since I saw it I wanted it! Sooo expensive but just as for my beloved Diorskin Coral Glow which was my Mother's Day present to myself, Madame Rougit is to compensate for the hard Summer I'm having. So as my dad used to say, if you can do it, do it and no regrets!

Last Friday, I really spoiled myself...

Nope, no regrets!

Guerlain's Madame Rougit blush compact is just as I'd imagined. A bit light in weight but with a beautiful luxurious feel to it. Lodged in a lovely velvet pouch, it comes with the cutest brush ever! Truly, it's just as it should be!

Guerlain's new collection, La Voilette de Madame is beautiful and elegant. Classic, all it's offerings come with playful names that when you think about it, all have somewhat double meanings. Very French, Madame Rougit would be translated by madame blushes. Not wanting to repeat myself too much I've described some of the meaning of the names, here.

When does Madame blush? Right after being complimented, preferably by a man. While trying to flirt, seduce. When happy, after a burst of laughter...

So many instances...

The idea behind La Voilette de Madame is clearly that of seduction but seeing Madame Rougit the blush, with its light ethereal colors which when mixed together create the perfect light flush, well, it made me wish I had lived à the time of Les Gens de Mogador.

The novel by Elisabeth Barbier tells the story of the Vernet Family from 1870 right up to the First World War, it was brought to television in the 70s. I remember seeing it as a teen and loving the fashion, the beautiful dresses, the hats, the ombrelles which every lady carried to protect her skin from the sun. The innocence of the ladies, sometimes faked but apparently genuine for the younger characters. It was romantic! It was so French! Just like a Monet!

Terasse at Sainte-Adresse, 1867*
Claude Monet (1840-1926)
Metropolitan Museum of Arts, New York

Madame Rougit...

The first stroll of a young couple in a garden under the vigilant eye of a matron or in some cases, of the entire family for if the suitor was approved, they all wanted to make sure the courtship went well. Now that must have been enough to make a young lady blush! Have a second look at Monet's painting.

A first kiss, playfully stolen or shyly given. The fake outrage or surprise following this quick moment of intimacy.

Guerlain Madame Rougit blush made me think of all that but remember the double meaning? Flush caused by a blood rush? A bit of exercise... Need I say more?

Guerlain Madame Rougit blush is all that! Innocence, seduction, passion.

Notice the beautiful lace veil pattern embossed on the luxuriously tightly pressed powder. 
The silver dots disappear after a few brush strokes.

I tried to make it show on my arm but the results where pretty pitiful. Believe me when I say, you can make it more coral or more pink depending on how you swipe your brush on it but I will not analyse each shade since to me it's clear that it's made to be blended. Mostly matte in finish, it has the faintest traces of shimmer (of the 4 colors, the bright coral is the one that has the least) which makes for a velvety finish. With a soft brush there's practically to fall out. On me, it's the perfecr light "rush" or color!  :)

Brilliant! Now you have to know that no one glows in Winter in Canada especially when it gets to -70° C taking into account the wind chill factor! Ok I'm exagerating a little but I guess you know what I mean. This blush will be perfect for every day and with it's beautiful violet fragrance, a pleasure to use every morning. A great reminder of warmer weather on those cold, grey and yes, snowy mornings! Argh!!!

Wow! I go from Innocent courtship and seduction, to cold Winter days! Sorry but my mind is weirdly wired!

I've already reviewed Madame Batifole La Laque Couleur yesterday, here and now I do believe I'm done with this collection. The Rouge G and Gloss d'Enfer are beautiful and tempting but I do have to "flirt" with other brands.

La Voilette de Madame display taken from the drawer since it hadn't launched officially. Notice the vampy red next to Madame Batifole La Laque Couleur. Sorry I didn't take the time to write down the name of it but I believe it's already part of their regular nail polish line up.

One quick note, the Rouge G are pretty sheer which surprised me a little. I'll be curious to see what my bloggerette friends think about them. :)

Notice how my Madame Batifole colored fingers are tightly holding the compact?
This one's mine! All mine! :)

Guerlain La Voilette de Madame Fall 2013 Collection will be available on August 15. 

Will you be blushing under Guerlain's light touch?

*The name given here is the one most often used for this Monet but the Metropolitan Museum's official title is Garden at Sainte-Adresse.


  1. Soooooooo I bought 2 things from this, the exact same blush-not tried it yet and one of the two eyeshadow compacts! I adore adore Guerlainn packaging, it's so classy and timeless. I can't believe it gets to -70, actually scary xxx

    1. Lovely isn't it? The -70° is a bit exagerated but about 10 ago we did go down to -50° one night and that was quite something. Can't wait to read your review of your Guerlain purchases. :)


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