Sunday, August 25, 2013

Notable Reads, Vol. 19...

To discover, Lee Miller...

This week I stumbled upon this picture below, Lee Miller in Hitler's bath tub!

Lee Miller in Hitler's tub, photographed by David E. Scherman.

Who was she and why did this happen?

Lee Miller (1907-1977) was a fashion photographer and war correspondent for... Vogue! Reading this startled me. To think that Vogue had such a collaborator during World War II is somewhat surprising. Fashion and war?

Lee Miller started off as a model then became Man Ray's muse and mistress after moving to Paris in 1929, before embarking on a photographer's journey herself opening her own studio in the City of Lights. Active in the Surrealist movement in Paris, she had in her circle of friends, Picasso and Cocteau.

At the start of the war, Miller who was then living in England, was accredited into the U.S. Army as a war correspondent for Condé Nast Publications in 1942. She teamed up with LIFE photographer David E. Scherman on several assignments. The picture in Hitler's bath tub is the most iconic of their collaboration.

This article below is worth reading to learn more about this extremely talented woman. Studying Man Ray I knew of her but never took the time to read about her extraordinary life.

Lee Miller: Light on Her Fashion, The New York Times Fashion & Style. Article by Cathy Horyn.

August 19, Coco Chanel's birthday...

She was born 130 years ago on that date and I thought it would be interesting to bring you this short film about her beginnings. Starring Kiera Knightly in the role of the designer it was directed by Karl Lagerfeld. Clearely not a masterpiece but still fun to watch...

"Once Upon A Time..." by Karl Lagerfeld 

"A woman can be overdressed, never over-elegant." Coco Chanel

This one I enjoyed when it came out and this is my second time posting it. The first was last year just before that "interesting" Chanel N° 5 ad campaign with Brad Pitt.

Chanel N° 5 - For the first time - Inside Chanel

Controversy, speculations about Chanel's role during World War II. Nazi collaborator or not? Here are a few links including the only interview she gave about the war to someone who clearly didn't like her...

September of 1944 interviewed by Malcolm Muggeridge, The Unpublished Interview. Here's an insert...

Muggeridge: If you were to write your memoirs, what wartime revelations would you make? 
Chanel: This is such a difficult question, isn't it? 
Muggeridge: Well, let me make it easier for you. Which side were you on? 
Chanel: On neither side, of course. I stood up for myself as I always have done. Nobody has                  ever told Coco Chanel what to think.

Was Coco Chanel a Nazi? The New York Times, by Judith Warner. A review of Hal Vaughans' book, Sleeping With The Enemy: Coco Chanel's Secret War, published September 2, 2011.

A Vindication of Chanel, showing a letter co-signed by Isée St. John Knowles, president Société Beaudelaire and Gabrielle Labrunie, great niece of Coco Chanel, which announces the intention to publish some sort of vindication as the title implies.

Interview with Isée St. John Knowles, Président of Société Beaudelaire. Read what he thinks of Hal Vaughans, book. Should the book be read as fiction targeting desperate American housewives? The aversion of Muggeridge for Chanel.

Clearly, a woman can be boring but never too interesting... Chanel is definitely the later.

What caught my attention this week...

I'm sorry but I only have a few this week since I was rather busy with other things, including, life! Still, I do hope you will enjoy them!

Mascara Movers: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, Vivianna does Makeup, Anna tells us which eye makeup remover really does the job for her when it comes to waterproof mascara. Also, have a look at her list of The Best Beauty Instagrammers. If you're not on Instagram yet here's an excellent reason to register.

Home Hair Color 101: The Pro Secret to Avoiding those Dreaded Hot Roots, BeautyGeeks. Janine shows us two celebrity examples of this weird phenomenon and a pro tells us how to avoid this. Now of course this has never happened to me....

What If You Bought Everything Fashion Magazines Told You To? A Huffington Post Graphic. First off I wouldn't but for the fashion victim well, she'll indeed be broke! That's unless she's got a nice trust fund.

Icaria's Food Blog...

One of our favorite seasonal recipe, Ratatouille, traditional or with a twist. See how you can make it your own.

Starting to enjoy tea again, I stopped this week to David's Tea for the first time. Tea Heaven is what it is. One recently opened in my area and I couldn't be more pleased, These guys below made the experience super enjoyable and believe me, I'll likely be a regular customer!

Love this! They give new meaning to "Service with a smile!"

By the way I got the Californian Lemon black tea (Citron Californien biologique), which is lovely to make iced tea!

Have a great week every one! xoxo Hélène

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