Friday, August 2, 2013

Now Online: M.A.C Lightful With Marine Biology Skin Care

As per M.A.C...

Lightful delivers the latest in brightening technology for flawless skin. Our exclusive Marine-Bright Formula features three potent seaweed extracts and Vitamin C derivative to nourish, hydrate and revitalize skin while blocking free radicals and UV effects. The result: brilliant, clear, even radiance that appears instantly and intensifies over time. For optimum effects, use Cleanser, Softening Lotion, Essence and Moisture Creme morning and night.

Four products...

Lightful Cleanser ($30.00): with Marine-Bright Complex and Super-Duo Charged water.

Lightful Softening Lotion ($38.00): infused with the active high power impact of Marine-Bright Complex.

Lightful Essence ($48.00): Marine-Bright complex and Super-Duo Charged water, a lightweight serum more powerful to moisten, condition and plump skin for a smoother, more radiant look and feel. Impact increases over time.

Lightful Moisture Creme ($48.00): Marine-Bright complex and Super-Duo Charged water, a lightweight gel-style moisturizing cream to boost skin's moisture and instantly, and over time, make the skin more luminous.

All I can say is that this is interesting. There are hardly any information on M.A.C's website, no ingredient list and no mention of UV protection. In other words, if you want to brighten your skin you will need to use a good sunscreen during the day. True that Vitamin C can brighten skin and help boost sun protection but it can't do it on it's own. I'm curious about the "Marine-Bright Complex" and the "Super-Duo Charged" water. These are attractive terms but what do they really mean?

M.A.C is owned by Estée Lauder who also owns Crème de la Mer. Are we seeing some sort of cross over? One thing is certain, the beauty giant remains mysterious as far as ingredients are concerned, relying on beautifully put together scientific sounding terms to intrigue costumers enough to purchase their skin care.

The prices of these new skin care items are relatively reasonable. It will be interesting to read reviews and the ingredient lists of each as they start to pop up. I think I'll wait until then to decide if I will try these or not.

These new skin care offerings from M.A.C will be available in stores on August 15.

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