Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Weird Dream...

Just before I got up last Sunday I made a weird dream, really weird!!!

I dreamt that upon returning home we realised (who I was with was unclear) we had been robbed!

The thieves had stolen the old desk computer (it has to go anyway) while leaving iPads and lap tops behind (feww!), took the 12 rolls of toilet paper I had just put under the bathroom sink aaaand all my makeup!!!

That's when I said "That's it I'm calling the insurance company!"

Forget the police, I wanted the money to repurchase my stuff!

Ok in reality I still would have had to call the police to file in a report to present to my insurance company. That's the way things work.

All my pretties gone!!!

*pulls hair out*

Now what does that dream say about me?

I don't even own that much makeup especially compared to some other bloggers and in fact, looking back at this past year I realise that although I got excited about several collections, I've only purchased a few items here and there. It was last spring that I started to renew my old makeup, that I started to splurge a little too much at times but still I don't think I went that overboard or did I?

Getting my priorities straight...

Recently some of the beauty bloggers I follow (religiously) have done a bit of introspection, evaluating or reevaluating their commitments, their reasons for blogging. Their beautifully written entries may be partially responsible for that dream but for a while now I've had to tone it down a notch as far as my beauty purchases are concerned. I mean I have already mentioned that being a stay at home mom for so long resulted in a dire need for a new wardrobe.

Guerlain bronzer or Pink and white Polka dots Ralph Lauren blouse? It was on special and so I went for the blouse!

For me makeup is an escape! I guess only beauty addicts can really get this, I mean I get so much pleasure out of seeing beautiful compacts, bright colored lipsticks and buttery eye shadows why would I want to go into rehab?

Buying a new lipstick makes me so happy!

I know I've been compensating a lot this past year but at the same time I think this escape has enabled me to avoid therapy, really it has! Loosing my husband was the worst event of my entire life and sometimes I smile inside at how André would react seeing the excitement I get from just touching a beautiful bronzer in a store! He'd think I'm nuts, just nuts!

By the way, have you seen Lancôme's latest bronzer? Huge, just huge and oh so beautiful...

Now back to that dream... If this were to happen in real life, you betcha I would replace every single thing!

What about you, what would you do?

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