Friday, May 2, 2014

Smashbox Always Sharp Waterproof Kôhl Liner...

I love my gel eye liner, just love the effect but there are those mornings where I wish I could have a faster option and so in recent years I've tried a few "waterproof" crayons but they just didn't do the job, they didn't stay put the same as a good gel eye liner.

I have slightly deep set eyes and this means most eye liners smudge with the heat of my skin and repetitive blinking. So far all the ones I've tried have ended up on my upper lids in no time.

Smashbox Always Sharp Waterproof Kôhl Liner in Storm...

I don't know much about this brand except for what I've read about it on Kiss & Makeup where Melissa has reviewed several of their products and these Always Sharp crayons she liked. She reviewed two of them, Raven and Cabana, here.

Since I don't wear black liner (I find it looks too harsh on my eyes) I chose Storm which is a dark matte grey with blue undertones and although darker it reminds me of a Lancôme crayon I used to wear a lot years ago. It's a color that goes well with neutrals but it's a little tricky to pair with other eye looks so this is not an everyday option.

How does it perform? Great!

Not that I doubted Melissa but if you've peeked at her blog you must have seen her gorgeous eyes! I mean practically any eye liner will perform well on her eye shape but she was right about Smashbox Waterproof Liner, it does stay put!

The downsides...

The tip! Argh! The tip isn't long enough to see where the color goes on my lids! It doesn't twist out!

You're probably thinking, what on earth does she mean? I mean, when we apply crayon we hold it at an angle to see where the color goes but with this Smashbox liner due to the short tiny tip one has to hold it at an almost 90° angle to draw the line and this makes it hard to see where the color goes because the pencil itself hides the tip.

See how small the tip is?

At $23.00 I doubt this crayon will last long. Why you ask? Because to do both my eyes I have to reshape the tip at least four times. To do this you simply put the cap back on and twist gently. Reshaping the tip means that every time a little product is wasted but I have no choice since it gets hard to apply in no time, as if it started to dry. It's really the weirdest thing. There's also no way of knowing how much product is left since as I've already mentioned, it doesn't twist out.

Do I recommend Smashbox Always Sharp Waterproof Kôhl Liner? Meh...

I honestly don't know! I really like the fact that it does stay put but I'm not a fan of the packaging. If it could be twisted out a little it would be much easier to use. According to some reviews I've read it performs really well on the waterline so I might consider getting Nude to lighten my eyes on mornings where I haven't slept much. There would be no need to reshape as often for that purpose and so it would probably last longer.

Do you know of a crayon that truly stays put, that wears like iron and is easy of use? Does it exist?

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