Monday, May 12, 2014

Oh look at all my goodies...

Quick post but I just had to share! Last Friday I went on a little shopping spree!!!

Ok a big one according to my wallet but hey, this was for both my birthday which was last month and Mother's Day. I purchased three more blouses and now will be on the hunt for some Capri pants and one or two pairs of shoes. Once I find these I'll be good for summer! :)

Here are the beauty goodies I got...

Sorry about the quality of the picture but I had little time and really, really wanted to show you! If you follow me on Instagram, here, then you've seen these already.

Diptyque Do Sun solid perfume (yes we have Diptyque at Ogilvy which is much closer to me than Holt Renfrew). This was a real unpredicted spur of the moment splurge!

Voluspa candle which is rosy divine! Here you see the top of the box.

Guerlain Rouge Automatique, a nail polish and a La Petite Robe Noire sample (did I mention the SAs at my Gerlain counter were just great?). Would you believe this is my first ever Guerlain lippie? Woot!

Two The Balm eye shadows and a gloss all at an amazing price! This was a great opportunity to try some of this brand's offerings.

A box of Hello Kitty bandages!

*Happy Dance*

I rarely go for so many items at the same time and I must admit, I felt a little guilty but hey, it was for both my birthday and Mother's Day as mentioned.

About the Hello Kitty bandages... Catherine thought I was nuts getting these but as I explained to her, I'd much rather have these on my feet (reason why I just had to stop by a drugstore to purchase because they were hurting bad from all the walking) than some ugly beige plastic or pseudo fabric strips. They look cute and go so nicely with Chanel Le Vernis in Coup de Coeur which is my second pedi color of the season! :)

What do you think of whimsical bandages? Like or no like?

If you're on Instagram, leave me your link so I can stalk follow you. :)
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