Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Mother's Day Post...

It's mother's day and I'm a mom! Woot!

This Friday I went shopping and spent way too much! Oops! 

Oh well, I'll just justify it by thinking it was a double whammy birthday/Mother's Day shopping spree! I mean I didn't find anything much interesting last month and did a little no buy these past two weeks. I needed some clothes and "needed" a lipstick and "needed" a new perfume and "needed" a blue eye shadow and needed some Hello Kitty bandages... Those I truly really needed because my feet were killing me from all the walking!

I'm a mom coz I have a daughter and along with all my goodies I got her a little somethin' too beside supper and ice coffee... a bran new lawn mower!!! :D

She's gonna be helping around the house now. Hey being a mom means you gotta spoil but you also gotta be real and teach responsibility... riiight?

She mowed the lawn yesterday and it was bliss!*

Today I'll be showing her how to do laundry... Hey she asked for this herself last week! This does count as a great mother's day gift! I mean imagine the extra free time I'll be getting out of this? A gift to myself that will keep on giving...

Whether you're the mom of fur babies, tiny humans or not so tiny humans...

Happy Mother's Day!!!

... Next item to check off my list of being *cough* "the perfect mom"? Showing Catherine how to cook something other than Ramen! Now that'll be... fun... right?** 

Have a great week everyone! Hélène xoxo

*No worries about security, Catherine will be 15 in June and the beautiful shiny mower I got is an environmentally friendly reel mower so not only is it safe but she'll be able to exercise her upper body. Aren't I a great mom?

**Keeps fingers crossed she won't end up on a psychoanalyst' couch one day due to my excellent mothering*

Images source, here.
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