Thursday, May 22, 2014

Bite Beauty Lush Fruit Lip Glosses...

For some reason this brand hasn't really called my name yet. I've read rave reviews about some of it's offerings but when I see the display at Sephora I always feel kind of meh about it. Bite Beauty is a Canadian company operating out of Toronto and I wonder if this is the reason why my Sephora has it at the end of a gondola in the back of the store. Ok it's right in front of Josie Maran and Tarte but still quite easy to miss. Then there are the prices! At $28.00 a pop for some lipsticks (yes more expensive than in the States!) I tend to prefer Dior or NARS who so far are my favorite formulas.

Ok so I had to at least try something!

I bought this trio of mini lip glosses back in November, on Black Friday to be exact and haven't really given them a go until recently.

All three are pretty sheer and so for me they're the type of glosses I would wear over a lipstick, especially Honey as you will see below. On their own they last about two hours, nice to wear they're not overly sticky although they are slightly thicker than Revlon but not as much as NARS...

Cocoa, described as a nude mauve pulls beige on me and truly looking at the tube, I don't really see any mauve in it but I guess it could give that impression on some depending on skin tone and natural lip color. This one reminds me of my Clarins Lip Perfector in 06 Rosewood reviewed, here, with the difference that it does last a little longer on my lips.

Strawberry, a sheer carnation pink this one is very similar to my other Clarins Lip Perfector, 05 Candy Shimmer a favorite of mine. I nice sheer coral, Strawberry it too stays on longer than Clarins but it doesn't have the same comfortable feel.

Honey, my favorite of the three. A nude with almost micro gold shimmer, Honey is perfect to wear over almost any lipstick to warm it up. It's quite lovely but unfortunately once the gloss disappears the shimmering bits end up all over! Around my mouth, on my chin... Not the look I go for. Now this may not be an issue for you since I have the same problem with both Chanel and Dior glosses who do get mostly love. I'm sorry but I wasn't able to capture the shimmer in Honey on the swatch below but it's there trust me! :)

Cocoa, Strawberry and Honey

They have a faint fruity smell/taste that lasts barely 5 or 10 minutes which in my book is a good thing. These three since they are so sheer don't really leave a stain on my lips so when they're gone, they're gone which is something some of you may be looking for. I can't comment on the darker colors but I would think they probably leave some lingering color behind. Drinking two glasses of ice tea wearing Strawberry I barely had any gloss left on my lips so it's unlikely any of these would resist a meal.

Since these are minis they have a smallish doe foot applicator which felt a little harsh and I had to dip back in the container quite a few times to get enough gloss on my lips. Hopefully the regular sizes are more pleasant to use.

I'm glad I got to try these but would not consider purchasing full sizes which go for $25.00 (0.13 oz). First because I'm not in a gloss wearing mood these days and second because I find NARS at $29.00 (0.18 oz) the best formula for me (it almost wears like iron with no glitter fallout) so for the difference in prices, the latter is my choice.

Have you tried any of Bite Beauty's offerings? Any favorites?

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