Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Shiseido Sun Protection Compact Foundation SPF36 - PA+++...

Oh what a sweet deal!

On a Friday as I was waiting for Catherine to meet me at Complexe Les Ailes I went into Sephora (erm it's right there so...) and walked around to see if there was anything new. It really was just out of curiosity because I'm waiting for a few goodies to come out so I wasn't planning on buying anything...

Really I wasn't!!!

I came across a display of cute little Shiseido yellow boxes... I couldn't resist but to have a closer look... the price was $25.00... it was a limited edition case for the compact foundation... with the foundation inside which usually retails for $35.00!!!


Shiseido Sun Protection Compact Foundation SPF36 - PA+++...

I've been wanting to try this foundation for a while now especially for the fact that Shiseido's UV Protective offerings have an excellent reputation.

Description, as per Sephora's website...

What it is:
A powdery foundation that resists perspiration and oil to remain fresh and color-true for hours.

What it is formulated to do:
This convenient solution unites optimal sun protection with skin-caring makeup, in a single travel-perfect compact. Minimize imperfections and achieve a flawless, matte finish as you defend your skin against damaging UVA/UVB rays. It smoothes on with a lightweight feeling and a natural, subtle look. It is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation as an effective UV sunscreen.

What else you need to know:
The makeup can be applied with a dry or moistened sponge, for flexible coverage. The case and refill are sold separately.

SPF36 and a PA+++  means that it's got a good UVB protection and a PPD above height is fine with me for UVA protection. The fact that it's a powder that can be reapplied during the day over makeup makes this a winning option in my book. I do my best to avoid the sun but there are those rare occasions where I do end up outside longer than predicted and this product will be much appreciated.

I mean can you imagine applying a regular sunscreen over a "makeuped" face?

Here's a confession...

I don't wear sunscreen! I really don't! I've tried and none feel comfortable for everyday wear so I only wear one when I know I'll be outside more and so far so good because my skin looks pretty good as far as wrinkles go. I've almost always worn a moisturizer and foundation both with with a sunscreen factor and although these do not guarantee good protection, combined with the fact that I've always avoided the sun it kinda worked for me... so far.

Shiseido Sun Protection Compact Foundation comes in six different shades ranging from SPF10 to SPF60. I purchased SPF20 which by the way was the only one available at the price I got it for but it turned out to be the perfect color. It the second lightest and although it may appear a little dark in the pan it's just fine on my skin.

Texture and finish...

It's not like a regular powder meaning it's heavier and can look a little chalky/pasty due to the fact that it's more opaque and more matte but that can be taken care of easily with a light spray of thermal water or what I like to use in summer, rose water. It would be a good idea to keep a small size of either in your bag if you plan on reapplying this SPF during the day and do make sure to blot first otherwise it may look very patchy.

It can be used dry or damp but since this compact is for my purse I haven't tried it damp and like to apply with a brush instead of the sponge.

Do I recommend Shiseido Sun Protection Compact Foundation SPF36 - PA+++? Oh yes!

Made of plastic this little compact doesn't have the elegance or weight of others that I've kept in my purse but it's pretty darn cute for summer and the creamy yellow and orange make me smile! The fact that it provides extra sun protection makes this a must for summer in my book or any time of the year really.

Again this foundation usually retails at $35.00 for the refills and the regular blue compact, $9.00. On the Sephora website there are two yellow limited edition compacts at $8.00 each.

So the regular price of both would have been $43.00 and I got mine at $25.00!!! Tripple Yay!!!

In my purse it goes!

I repeat... this is not your usual powder. This is a foundation (it does feel heavier than a mineral foundation even if it's a powder) that can be used dry with a brush. It will not give you that perfect finish a usual touch up powder like my latest favorite Chanel Les Beiges would. This for me is really for when I end up outside for longer periods of time, for when it's unplanned so it'll last quite a while I think.

Finally a word of advice... 

If you get this compact or another powder sunscreen from another brand, just make sure you keep a little blush with you because you may have to do a few adjustments. Applying Shiseido Sun Protection Compact Foundation will more than likely neutralise what you had on so if you want some definition, a blush and maybe even a small bronzer may have to elect permanent residence in your purse for the summer.

I'm thinking a little number like NARS Laguna/Orgasm compact will be just perfect for that and it will nicely counteract the "mattness" of Shiseido Sun Protection Compact Foundation finish! :)

Ingredients: octinoxate 6.9%, titanium dioxide 15.3% petrolatum, talc, polymethyl methacrylate, nylon-12, silica, hydrogenated c6-14 olefin polymers, synthetic wax, sorbitan sesquisostearate, phytosteryl/octyldodecyl lauroyl glutamate, zinc myristate, stearyl glycyrrhetinate, thotaurine, dimethicone, methicone, glycerin, tocopherol, bht, ethylpraben, fragrance, mica, iron oxides.

As with any products if you're clog and/or acne prone or have sensitivity issues do patch test first.

What do you think of powder sunscreen for extra protection during the day?

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