Monday, January 6, 2014

Revlon Lash Curler Diamond Collection...

For the past two years or so I've been using a Shiseido lash curler. At the time I would have loved to get a Shu Uemura but they were hard to find in my area. Although Shiseido's does a good job I still have to heat it with my hair dryer for it to create a curl that will last all day and that's with any mascara I've tried so far.

Revlon on the left, Shiseido on the right.

The problem with Shiseido?

The color of the metal it's made in. It's a dark brownish grey, not black but quite dark with a black silicone pad. What this means is that I have a hard time placing my lashes in it. This would probably not be much of an issue if I didn't heat it but since I have to it's always a struggle to avoid burning my lids. Tired of this I decided to get a silver colored one and since I've spend quite a lot on makeup recently I went for this Revlon offering which was on special when I purchased it for a little under $6.00.

I used it once, or at least tried to and to the bin it will go unless I find someone to give it to.

Notice the difference of the with of those top plates? 
It's impossible not to touch the upper lid with it.

Due to the wideness of the top metal plate I almost burned my upper lid. There's no way I can use it without injuring my eyes. Oh and this one doesn't even close evenly!

Notice how Revlon is a little crooked? Shiseido is still perfect after 2 years of daily use.

The curve of Revlon Diamond Collection Lash Curler would have been perfect for my eye shape but the risks of injury make it a no go. I'll continue using my Shiseido for now and will be looking at different options in the next few weeks.

It's important to note that I've used Revlon lash curlers in the past with good results and here I should have purchased the more traditional one. They do have one that strangely looks like Shiseido but with a red pad which is the one I should have gotten.

Revlon Diamond Collection Lash Curler does look feminine and cute but if you use a heating tool, stay away!

Do you use a lash curler? Which is your favorite?

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