Sunday, January 26, 2014

The sunday Post, Vol. 7...

We've just had another week of extremely cold temperatures!!! Enough already!

Snow, I don't mind but cold I do! Even in the house it was cold because the heating system couldn't keep up. I mean 17° Celsius is NOT comfortable. Fine for sleeping but the rest of the time it's truly unpleasant. This week it's suppose to warm up outside to an almost balmy -6° Celsius and I just can't wait!

It'll almost feel like Capri pants and flip flop time!

Bring the 30 cm of snow but stop with the cold I say!

This week's makeup love...

For eye makeup Chanel Illusion d'Ombre in Diapason and NARS Fairy's Kiss palette have been favorites this week and for lips it was NARS Dolce Vita and Rouge Dior Esquisse. For face it was mainly Hourglass Ambient Lighting palette and my good old Guerlain Terracotta, the original one for a neutral look which was perfect to give Esquisse center stage.

I'm still not using Incandescent much, the middle powder of the Hourglass palette. It's a tricky one that tends to give my skin a frosty look, emphasizing tiny wrinkles. Not a good thing. Dim, on the left is great all over and Dim, on the right gives a nice definition to my face and is particularly nice over Terracotta to make it look more natural. At this point if I were to repurchase one of these I would go for Dim but these powders are so finely milled that I think it'll be a while before I reach pan. Notice how untouched it looks, I have been using it, really I have. :)

Benefit They're Real is OUT!!!

Given my not so good experience with Givenchy mascara, this week I'd been using Dior Iconic which is still doing ok for me although it's a little thicker. On Friday I figured Benefit would work faster and so it's the one I used. Remember it was cold! -29° Celsius cold and windy! Waiting five minutes for the bus, my lashes became a clumpy straight mess!!! By the time I got to the office my eye makeup looked horrible and there was nothing I could do about it! No curl, goopy looking lashes are not a good thing, not one bit. So far Benefit had done great for me, resisting the heated lash curler and keeping the curl for the longest time it really was pretty amazing but, and this is a huge but, it doesn't resist extreme cold! My lashes didn't look feathery smooth, they actually looked all crocked and rough (hope this makes sense). The first thing I did when I got home that night was remove my eye makeup.

Ok I'm being harsh I know, Benefit They're Real! is still a good mascara but it's definitely not one to use in extreme cold!


Oops! I had naked nails this week, the entire week!!! Dunno what happened, I guess I was lazy... :(

New additions...

Double oops! Nothing! Nada! No new purchases! In fact the only thing I purchased, two weeks ago in fact, was a three wicks candle from Indigo in Tahitian Coconut Fig. Such a beautiful fresh fragrance, they go for $24.00 and last a good two weeks burning about three hours every night! I'll likely get a new one this week.

What I have my eyes on...

The new Diorshow Mono Fusion Matte eye shadows. These look amazing and their respective textures are positively dreamy! The ones I'm considering are Mirage a nice taupe that has a bit of a satiny finish and Nocturne an almost black with gentle sparkles which would be perfect paired with some of my tamer colors to give a bit of drama and I'm thinking it could also be used as a soft liner. Do have a look at the videos below you'll see what I mean.

Of course there's Chanel Quadrille quad that's been on my mind ever since I swatched the colors! I must get this one since I don't think I'll fall for Jardin Zen, the quad from the upcoming Chanel collection, Jardin de Camélia which will be coming out later this Spring. Then again, who knows, I didn't think I'd like Quadrille!

Lipsticks? From the current new collections I haven't been wowed by any of them. For some reason I'm more interested by the regular colors, Rouge Dior mainly.

Blushes, except for one of the new Clinique Cheek Pop, I'm not sure I'll splurge for one at this time and the same goes for nail polishes. I'm not much into pastels. I love them on others but I find my nail shape isn't the best for them. I'm not saying a definite no but at the moment none are calling my name except maybe for Dior's Trianon Edition Perlé 187 a matte pearly white which can be used as a top coat.

For your viewing enjoyment...

A treat! If you've been salivating over Dior Spring 2014 Collection Trianon then you better have a look at these...


Ok that's it! I want that girl's face!!! :D :D :D

Have a great week everyone! xoxoxo Hélène

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