Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Emerald Green named 2013's Color of the Year!

What a surprise! Emerald Green was named color of the year for 2013 by Pantone, the world renowned color authority for designers.

When I think of emerald green this is what pops into my mind:


For makeup

Although it's a beautiful color I can't really imagine myself wearing it as an eye shadow since my eyes are...green! Even as an accent it's not too flattering on me.

Make Up For Ever, Aqua Cream
22 Emerald Green

In fashion

It does bring the green out so I'll be looking for it. I can't remember the last time I wore emerald green. I know I used to have a cashmere sweater in that color but I can't recall what happened to it. Doesn't really matter now, I'm sure in no time stores will have loads of emerald green options available to help lighten up our wallets.

Now, if only my wallet was thick enough for one of those...

They where after all, treasured by Cleopatra!

Will you be "going green"?


  1. This is great news! Emerald Green is one of my favourite colours and I'll definitely be wearing it a lot next year!

    1. Gio, it is a very flattering happy color.


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