Saturday, December 29, 2012

Favorite posts of 2012

A few years ago, after reading something I had written, my friend Nicole suggested I should write. Coming from her it was more than a compliment. Although I felt inspired, at the time I just couldn't figure out what I would write about and what platform I would choose. Then, last January, a new friend, Leanne, pushed me in the right direction. Her perky enthusiastic self encouraged me to start a beauty blog.

A beauty blog? Me?

I thought about it a week or so and then it hit me! Perfect! I do after all, have the experience and since I was and always will be on a learning curve, why not share this process and new acquired knowledge with others. That's when I decided to adress this blog as my own personal notepad.

At first, I must admit, I had a hard time to get back into writing. It's one thing to get a conversation going with people but it's quite another to put words together on paper or in this case, on the computer. To be relevant and interesting, to make people want to come back and read your words is what it's all about and it can be quite intimidating, at least it was for me. Looking back today at some of the entries, there are some that aren't so great but I don't plan to remove them for they are a reminder of my first steps. Then there are the ones that I'm very pleased with...

Here is my top 10

Memories, a bit of history & sunscreen
This one remains to this day the most viewed.

Manic Panic!
Stop the insanity.

Talia Joy Caltellano a beautiful source of inspiration.

Interesting discovery about acne? Face Mapping?
What will they think of next?

Let's be wise about aging.
Guess what this one is about?

Chanel No 5 & Brad Pitt
This was not a good idea!

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful!
Makeup Alley related.

My friend K in New York
Yes you can make friends on the web. During the past 2 years I'm very thankful to have made a few good ones. K is one of them and she was gracious enough to send me these wonderful pictures.

What should not be on any one's list.
Let's stop obsessing about the way we look.

Your Skin... The Day After!
Tips for not only "the day after" but anytime you need a little extra a little Coup d'éclat!

Here is my top moment, when K sent me this picture. I know it's probably not what one would expect from a "beauty blog" but when I clicked on this picture I flipped! If not for this blog I probably would have never had the chance to see this picture. From one collection to the next, it was briefly put on display for everyone to enjoy.

Thank you K for this beautiful picture!

Thank you Leanne for the push and the encouragment.

Merci Nico pour avoir été la première a suggérer cette possibilité.

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