Sunday, December 9, 2012

Freebies from the Web for the Holidays

Elf Yourself

Want to send your loved ones a funny, well I should say, hilarious e-card for the holidays? Elf Yourself by Office Max. This enables you to create up to 5 elves and you get to chose the type of dance, Charleston, Hip Hop, Soul and 80's. You can send it as many times as you like but if you want to keep it you have to pay $1.00 USD for it. Super cheap.

Click here to see what I did to Fifi the cat and Julius the dog. I was able to put the link on Twitter.

You can also broadcast live messages as an....Elf! Office Max website

Magic Santa from Sympatico

This one will seem magical to your little ones! Simply amazing. You have to answer a few questions, upload a picture if you have one and the Magic Santa takes care of the rest to personalise the experience. It can also be sent to grown ups. For them you can enter a humorous location like Alcatraz or Mars. They've really improved on it since I used it for my daughter.

Magic Santa from Sympatico

NORAD Tracks Santa 

This is the coolest thing ever! My daughter and I had so much fun with this when she was little. We would go check every hour on Christmas Eve to see where Santa was at. The closer he got the more excited we would be. It was reassuring to know that by Christmas morning our gifts would be under the tree. One never knows with December weather but the NORAD special updates are so informative and reassuring. 

Imagine if Santa was stuck in a snow storm wouldn't you like to know?

Official 2012 NORAD Tracks Santa Promo Video

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