Thursday, December 13, 2012

Puffy eyes, how to treat them

You had no choice last night, you just had to go to that party! You ended up eating too many salty hors d'oeuvres and drinking a little more alcohol than usual. On top of that, you where so tired by the time you got home that you committed one of skin's cardinal sins... You went to bed without removing your makeup!!!

The result, you woke up with puffy eyes!!! What to do?

Don't panic!

Here are some homemade remedies to help bring down the puffiness due to excesses, lack of sleep or if you are simply prone to this. Also crying, hopefully there won't be any of that, can cause major puffiness.

Cooled steeped tea bags. In the morning you may not have time to wait for the tea bags to cool down but if it's your day off, these work very well. 

Cool spoons. One for each eye you can easily keep those in the fridge (not the freezer) at all times. 

Bag of frozen peas. Yes this works very well not only for puffy eyes but also to help soothe a headache.

Slices of cucumber. This classic does help a lot with the benefits of being not only refreshing but soothing as well.

The Body Shop's Aqua Eye Mask. This you keep in the fridge at all times so it's always ready to use. Good for puffy eyes but like the bag of frozen peas, for headaches as well.

Just before applying your eye makeup, Clarins' Eye Revive Beauty Flash. This is a good product to give your eyes a quick "lift" and a touch of freshness. It does not bring down the puffiness on it's own in my experience but it's a great soother and good makeup base.

Always be ready

Since you may already know about most if not all of these, you may use this entry as a reminder to plan ahead. Chose one or several. For example keep a bag of peas in your freezer at all times, just in case... If the Aqua Mask is more you, than make sure to leave it in the fridge so it'll be ready when you need it.

Remove your makeup

Ok I know sometimes this can be such a bore but it's a must. If you have several parties lined up study nights or late nights at work, you may want to consider keeping some cleansing wipes on your night stand. I'm not a fan of these but for this purpose they are a good option. I myself keep a bottle of micellar water and cotton rounds on there to make sure I at least remove my eye makeup.

How to prevent puffy eyes?

Sleep. I know this one is not always possible but it truly is the best. Rest also helps lower stress levels and this can only have positive repercussions on not only your eyes but on your skin and of course, health in general. Some believe sleeping in a slightly upward position helps. Not sleeping on your tummy with your face flat on the pillow is also a good idea.

Avoid high sodium foods. Salt encourages water retention. If you have recurring eye puffiness you may want to lower your salt intake to see if it will make a difference.

No fluids at least a few hours before bedtime (of course you can take a few sips of water but not large glasses of it). Trying to avoid alcohol is of course a no brainer so if you must try not to take too much and try to alternate with a few sips of water here and there to avoid dehydration.

Avoid heavy eye creams at night. They can have that side effect. If the skin of your eye area is dry, try to alternate with something lighter like an oil. Argan, sweet almond, baby oil or whatever you have on hand. Just moisten the tip of your fingers and gently apply on the area.

According to a Makeup Alley member, Chaya, Hibiscus tea helps with puffyness. She uses two bags in one cup and it helps her within the hour. It could be worth to keep handy if none of the other options are working for you.

If you believe the puffiness is due to allergies, antihistamines will help but seeing a doctor if you haven't already to determine the source is definitely a must.

One last note

If the puffiness is fat deposits, pockets, unfortunately only a cosmetic procedure will make any difference. This often is hereditary and nothing topical will make any difference unfortunately.

If you have other homemade recipies or products you love to help with puffiness be sure to leave a comment, I would love to know about them... :D

Tea bag picture:
Spoons picture: welldonefillet
Hibiscus botanical print: Vingage Printable
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