Monday, December 10, 2012

Essie's no chips ahead chip free top coat / Review

As I've have mentioned recently in my At Home Gel Nail Polish Kits post, I started to wear colors on my nails again. Dark colors that need protection. There's nothing, well almost nothing, I dislike most than tip wear. I don't think it's asking too much to want my manicure to last at least 4 days. Is it?

At the drugstore the other day essie nail care products where all on sale so I purchased the no chips ahead chip free top coat for a mere $4.99.

That night I gave it a try on top of the dark red I had applied the night before. I did so at about 10:00 p.m. and went to bed a little over an hour later. I figured that an hour was more than enough for it to dry on top of already hard nail polish. Nope, it was not!

The next morning I woke up with ruined nails. Pillow, sheet traces....yuck! Even then I could feel it wasn't perfectly dry... Unbelievable!

That afternoon I took it back to the drugstore. Not so much for the $4.99 but for the principle. I had a look at the reviews on MakeupAlley and it would seem that I wasn't the only one disappointed by this product. It only gets a 2.6 out of 5 lippies. Surprisingly on Beauté-test is gets a better score.

Would I recommend this product? No unless you have hours and hours ahead of you to let it dry!


MakeupAlley: 2.6 / 5 lippies for 40 reviews.
Beauté-test: 4 / 5 stars for 13 reviews.

Screenshot from essie website


  1. ugh! How frustrating! I will certainly not give this polish a shot! I become so impatient and need anything quick dry!

    1. Niki, I'm the same! That's why I usually do my nails in the evening when I'm more relaxed.


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