Thursday, December 13, 2012

Great find for puffy eyes, Thera Pearl!

On the tail of this morning's post about puffy eyes I bring you a super great find. If only I had known about this earlier. Tonight I was waiting, waiting and waiting at the drugstore for some prescriptions. In fact I was stuck there for a good hour because there was a lot of people. To kill time I walked through the store looking at various boring things. At the end on one isle some blue stuff caught my eye....

Little plastic boxes with some blue beads showing... The beads appeared to be floating in some sort of liquid... What on... OMGosh!!!

One was about the same size as a bag of frozen peas and the other was... An eye mask!

Do you understand my excitement now?

The Eye-ssential Mask can be kept in the refrigerator and the Sports Pack, in the freezer.

The Eye-ssential Mask is soft and fits nicely on the eye area, more so than the Aqua Eye Mask from The Body Shop. 

Of the 2, the Sports Pack is the most versatile in my opinion. Good for the eyes (if kept in the fridge not the freezer), it can be warmed up for other parts of the body.

They where both sold for $9.99 each, a steal! It is not in the cosmetics department. If you can't find it, ask for it. I saw it at Jean-Coutu in Montreal but I'm sure it will soon be available everywhere if not already.

For more info see the Thera Pearl's website.

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