Thursday, December 20, 2012

My Wish List

Going from blog to blog, looking at all the amazing gifts suggestions it was really hard this year to come up with my own Christmas list. Contrary to others, these are the items I want. If they inspire you than it makes me very happy.

Chanel No 5, le parfum. The reason, the formula will likely be changed due to the EU ingredient restriction regulation so I figured it would be nice to give it a go one last time.

Bobbi Brown Caviar & Oyster Travel Brush Set, I need new brushes!

Dior manicure essentials

Shu Uemura gold lash curler. I know this seems a little over the top but I figure I may not be allergic to this one. I have to apply nail polish to the one I use so I won't have a reaction.

Chanel powder compact

Guerlain Météorites, if Perles du Dragon (Black case) is available, even better!

iTunes card for a few magazine subscriptions iPad edition

Hermès Carré de soie / silk scarf

Any of these would make me happy!

This is what I have so far, what special item to you have on your list?

Pictures are screen captures from The Bay, Shu Uemura, Neiman Marcus, Hermès & Chanel


  1. wow great selection! that shu uemura lash curler I've been eyeing for a while now! great blog, I have followed! :)

    1. Thank you Natalie I'm glad you like my blog. True that lash curler is tempting. I've been wanting one for years due to my metal allergy. Plus it does look good!

    2. I wanted to leave a comment on your Wish List but couldn't figure out where.:(

  2. Wow they're changing Chanel No 5?? That's such an iconic product! I'd love to upgrade to the Gold Shu curlers- I have the normal silver ones! And I hear great things about the Guerlain powder! x

    1. You're so right about No 5. Even now it's not the exact one created by Coco Chanel. There's a lot of info about it on 1000ragrances.blogspot written by Octavian Coifan. The Météorites are lovely, I just realised I forgot to put the Guerlain brush in there to go along with it. :D


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