Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My First Free Goodies!

This is a little thank you note!

Recently I wrote an article about Puffy Eyes and the very same evening, wrote about a product I had just seen at the drugstore called Thera Pearl.

I thought it was brilliant! Well, this morning I received a box from Thera Pearl with 3 of their products. Yay!

I was right, it is brilliant! 2 are more for therapeutic purposes and will be more than useful for tired muscles, neck fatigue etc. The one that's most interesting, to remain on subject, is the Sports Pack. Exactly as I thought, Just the right size (a little smaller than a bag of frozen peas) to put over the eyes and because it's so soft it can rest directly on your lids. It can be kept in the freezer but for use on the eye area, the refrigerator will do just fine.
Thank you Candice, you've made my day!


All the reviews I make on this blog so far are of products I've purchased myself, have received in gifts with purchase or have sampled for at least 2 weeks if not more. This blog is still in it's infant stage and it is possible that eventually I will receive more free products to try. Rest assured that if that happens, first I will let you know and second, it will not influence my reviews in any way.

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