Monday, May 27, 2013

Beauty Envies of the Moment...

Recently I was able to satisfy some cravings I had, beauty cravings that is. Now of course, if you're like me, once I get what I want, I'm happy for a week or two, until the next beauty crush.

*Le Sigh*

I have quite a few beauty envies but here are the ones at the top of my list. Contrary to some other dreamy lists I've brought you in the past, these are items that I'm really hoping to get my hands on. I'm in dire need of eye shadows and the two palettes shown would, I think, complement each other nicely.

Bobbi Brown, the Navy & Nude Eye Palette. As much as I thought that the Lilac Rose Eye Palette was pretty, there where a few colors in it I would not have used. This one I can't wait to see since I do believe I would have much more mileage out of it. Dark navy blue somehow makes my eyes pop more than deep purple, even if I have green eyes and when done right, I find it goes with everything. As a bonus, the selection of neutrals can easily be mixed and matched with any It color of the moment. For me this would be a great basic.

Navy & Nude Eye Palette
Not available yet, Spotted on Barney's New York website for pre-order,
 it should be available in June. I believe it will be around $70.00

NARS, part of the NARS Loves New York kit. Combined with the Bobbi Brown palette, I'd be all set! The only item from that brand that I own is Tolède Satin Lipstick which I love but I really want to try their eye shadows. Here with the Amour blush and Laguna bronzer I find this one to be quite a catch!

NARS Loves New York
The kit also includes a nail polish in China Town & lip gloss in Dolce Vita. This limited Edition is 
now available through NARS website. Hopefully either The Bay or Sephora will have it in stores. 
As of last week it still wasn't in stock, $85.00.

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb. Every time I go downtown, I spray some on myself. I don't think I can get enough of this. I do believe that soon I will at least get the small roller ball available at Sephora for $30.00

Chanel Le Vernis in Lilis. This color is so pretty, the perfect coral! I know I should make my mind soon about this one since it's part of L'Été Papillon Summer 2013 Chanel collection. Oh and the picture below, from the Chanel website, does not illustrate the beauty of the color, it's way more vibrant than it appears here.

Chanel Le Vernis in Lilis

What are your beauty envies of the moment? Any specific cravings?

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