Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Some Summer 2013 Nail Polish Collections & a Few Drugstore Options to Consider...

Out are several beautiful new makeup collection which all include gorgeous nail polishes. If some of us can't afford a high end compact of eye shadow palette, there's a good chance we can go for either a lipstick or a nail polish. Here are some of the nail polishes that have been creating quite a buzz so far for Summer 2013.

YSL Tie & Dye. Sheer top coats that give a hint of color, they can be worn alone or over another color. Interesting to see the deposit of color at the bottom. When you shake the bottles, the pigments stay evenly distributed for a while so you don't have to shake every time you dip your brush in the bottle. They are $34.00 each which I find a little out there for such a sheer finish but I know many will love them.

Dior. From the Birds of Paradise Collection inspired by Latin America, Brazil and its luxuriant and tropical nature these polishes are sold as duos. The first, Samba, reminds us of the feathers of the peacock. The second, Bahia, more whimsical with its hibiscus pink and beautiful lagoon blue. Each duo sells for $30.00 and they are available now. In June, Dior will also introduce Summer Mix which is a collection of four new nail polishes at $24.00 each, paired with cream blushes. Also worth a look at is their Gel Coat, a top coat that gives a gel like finish.

                                                          Samba                                             Bahia

Capeline, Creoles, Sunnies & Tie & Dye (name similar to YSL)

Chanel Summer 2013, L'Été Papillon Collection. Stunning, just stunning! Papillon means butterflies and here seeing these beautiful colors, you can trap a bit of these ephemeral flying beauties on the tips of your nails. Just a little info, when you see a butterfly, do not touch its delicate wings for it will die shortly after. Three colors, Bel Argus, Azuré and Lilis at $27.00 each. I have my eye on Lilis. :)

Clinique! Did you know they had brought back nail polish? They did and for Summer 2013 they have beautiful limited edition colors. Mid range, they sell for $18.00 each.

Hula Skirt, 70 and Sunny, Juiced Up, Pinkini and Hi Sweetie (regular color)
There's also, Grape Ice (purple magenta), Strappy Sandals (silvery grey) and Hot Date (purple)

Butter London may be more your style if you're not into pinks and brights with Summer Holiday Bespoke Collection 2013, they will be available at The Bay for $17.00 each.

Sun Baker, Champers, Pool, Body Dazzler, Marbs & Bit Faker

From the drugstore...

If you don't want to splurge for a nail polish you can find great ones at the drugstore in practically every color imaginable. In many cases, you can find good dupes of high end shades and most are under $10.00 which is great. Even if some high end colors are pretty unique, in some cases, you wouldn't be able to tell if one is wearing Dior or Sally Hansen.

Every time I go to to one, for some reason I always end up looking and looking and looking... at nail polish displays! Last Thursday at one point, I must have had four in my hand with intent of purchase but as usual, I put them all back in their respective spots. I know, I'm a little bizarre.

I thought it would be fun to show you the ones I've been looking at recently. Here's just a few new nail polish collections, from my tiny little drugstore.


I've been eying these for a while but the colors, although beautiful are too sheer and would 
take more than two coats to achieve the look shown, a type of gel like finish.

Sally Hansen's...

On the left, fruity sherbet, on the right, blues and more beautiful blues. I just might end up 
with one of those for a pedi. The fourth one from the left would look great with jeans.


This is my favorite. Often overlooked, these are fun and don't require a long term relationship.The small sizes are perfect if like me, you tend to change nail color often. Mavala has always had a great color selection. As a teen I had blue and green, way before it was in fashion. Their names... make me dream of exotic vacations.

Chili & Spice Collection, I want them all!
Trinidad, Bamako, Samarkand, Bali, Cuzco and Jaipur

Also to be considered, Revlon,which by the way is coming out with scented nail polishes again this year, Maybeline, Essie, Nicole by O.P.I and depending on the drugstore you go to there may be other brands available I'm missing here. Another brand that must not be overlooked, although not available at the drugstore but with excellent prices is Avon. Every season they come out with great colors and the quality is way up there.

About the drugstore display pictures, I know! Experience is starting to sink in. Next time, I'll turn the bottles a bit so the price stickers will be less obvious! :)

So, as I said, I have my eye on Chanel Lilis as well as the Sally Hansen blue but I must admit that Dior's Summer Mix colors appear to be stunning. I just might go for one of them.

Do you have a favorite so far?

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