Monday, May 20, 2013

NARS Tolède Satin Lipstick / Review

Finally I bought my first NARS lipstick!


This definitely makes me want to take a vacation and go to Spain! The Cathedral, the Monastery of San Juan de los Reyes, Museo del Greco... I know, a bit lame but what can I say, the color is inspiring and just beautiful!

These are the two best swatch pictures I could get. 
On both, left one pass, right a few.

Although my swatches are blurry (I simply could not get these in focus) you can still see that it's a warmed toned pink. On my lips, even with just one pass I get good color payoff. 

Described, as per NARS, as a lustrous long wearing lipstick infused with conditioners to provide comfortable wear and sumptuously silky color.

Is it? I would say yes. 

For quite a while now I've been wearing glossy transparent colors except for my Make Up Forever Rouge Artist which is a rather creamy formula. NARS Tolède is dryer and more matte but not totally. On application it has a satin finish that after an hour or so, does become matte but remains comfortable. Of course the sensation is dryer than what I'm used to but not so much so as to make me want to reach for it to reapply. This is quite a change for me but I like it a lot and it's nice not to have to reapply every few hours.

This formula has no taste, lasts a good four hours (unless you eat and drink) and fades naturally.

My daughter was with me and she wanted me to get Niagara which was placed right next to Tolède. More coral and slightly more bright, it scared me a little. Remember, as far a colors go, I'm taking baby steps. Had I not purchased Chanel Taboo on that day I may have taken it as well but I had to make a choice and I'm very happy with my decision.

Tolède is $30.00 which is not cheap but it's a great color for summer. For me, it will go with everything so this will be my go to for the hot season,

Tolède is a new color part of NARS Summer 2013 Color Collection, Summer Shock. Quite subdued compare to the rest of the collection, it will be joining the rest of NARS' lipstick line up.

I had originally mentioned (here) that I was interested in Paris Follies but again, I'm glad I got Tolède instead. This is a great everyday color that will suit many skin tones and many different makeup looks

NARS Summer Shock

Do you own any NARS lipsticks? What do you think of them?

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