Saturday, May 18, 2013

Bronzers! Instead of Burning, Fake It!

I don't think it's a secret to anyone any more that I love a beautiful compact! I'm also quite addicted to lipsticks, lip balms, any product that will make lips feel comfortable and pretty and so I always have more than a few lip product in my purse but I've realised recently that as much as I love a beautiful lipstick, I haven't indulged in them in the past few months as much as I have for compacts.

My main compact addiction recently has been for bronzers!

I am pale, very pale and except for running errands or cleaning the yard, I don't spend a lot of time outdoors unless it's in the shade. In recent years I've developed a bit of redness on my cheeks and if I could I'd probably have that fixed but I'm not that bothered by it. I've figured out a way to tone it down with...


Staying in the shade, wearing a good sunscreen usually means, little summer color. Good since any color is aging skin. For most of my life I have learned to embrace my paleness. To me it wasn't a hard choice since lying in the Sun wasn't an option, it simply made me sick, really! Feverish, queasy almost nauseous is how I felt every time I tried to lie in the Sun. Still to this day when I see people baking it makes me feel uncomfortable. I guess some would say it almost borders a kind of allergy. I was teased a lot about my paleness but now I'm the one laughing for I hardly have any wrinkles!

Embracing my paleness does not mean I don't want a "healthy" sun kissed glow. This is what a bronzer does for me, give me a glow! I loooove my bronzer(s)!

The one that started it all, in 1984, La Terracotta de Guerlain. Almost revolutionary for it's time since in those days, a tan meant vacation. In Summer many would spend their weekends baking in their yards, balconies or in parks and they would start to do this as early as April, as soon as the weather enabled them to sit outside in the Sun. In Winter, if you had a tan you could brag about the time you just spent in Florida or the Caribbeans.

Given all the information out there about the sun, all the warnings and studies about the risks involved with UV rays, it's interesting to see how our culture simply can't let go of tanning.

Today almost every single cosmetic company makes at least one bronzer. It's quite common but back when Terracotta was launched, using a powder to create a tanned effect was quite a novel idea. I remember Clinique had a gel bronzer in their men's line but that was about it. Gels and creams are harder to master but  powders, they are perfect to create the lightest glow, fast!

Here are some bronzers I've reviewed recently...

Just click on the names for full reviews: Clarins, Milani, mark, Rimmel, Guerlain & Dior

I haven't reviewed Rouge Bunny Rouge yet which in fact is a blush and not a bronzer but it's a great compliment if your bronzer is matte. It will give it a little dimension. The color I have is Starina and was given to my by my London friend Marilla.

Instead of burning, fake it!

Now, you want to know how to apply your bronzing powder? Here's a little gem from who else, Guerlain! 52 seconds is all it takes!

Faking it is one thing but be sure to protect your skin against UV rays. Not only to avoid wrinkles later but mostly for your health! Here is one of my first posts with a list of sunscreen readily available.

You do not have to read the entire article you can simply skip towards the end for brands. Also it was one of my first entries so there are a few mistakes in it and the formatting is a little weird due to the change of template done since then. I did not change anything because it serves me as a reminder of my firsts steps in writing. :)

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