Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Smith's Rosebud Salve / Review

Last week at Sephora while waiting to pay for my new NARS Tolède lipstick I just had to look in the little bins, you know the ones that are filled with tempting goodies, just before you get to the cash register? Smartly placed if you ask me. Last minute little indulgences, that's what you find there.

What I stumbled upon is this, Smith's Rosebud Salve. The tin was so darn cute with it's old apothecary look, I just couldn't resist. An extra $7.50! *sigh*

When I got home and opened it, surprise! Look at that beautiful soft pink! Lovely, just lovely!

The texture, that too was a surprise. That evening I stuck my finger in it thinking it would be hard like Nivea Lip Butter but no. The texture is quite close to petroleum jelly, maybe just a little firmer but quite similar.

The fragrance, think that famous baby product smell but it's quite pleasant on lips.

Smith's Rosebud Salve has been around for a while, in fact since 1895 and was originally developed as a multi-purpose balm. It's many applications include lip balm and gloss, diaper rash remedy, skin blemish, dry skin moisturizer and minor burn relief. Now I'd be careful about the skin blemish mention but I can easily imagine this salve working for  dry skin, boo boos and of course lips. It does leave a glossy finish, again, similar to petroleum jelly which is it's main ingredient.

How does it perform? Nicely.

Quite nice and the fragrance is pleasant but in all honesty, it's not life changing. I used it four nights in a row and didn't see much difference compared to other basic lip balms I've used that where less expensive but it did last longer on my lips than plain petroleum jelly. By morning I could still feel it on my lips.

Now I did use it on a minor cut and it was quite soothing. So I do believe I'll use it more for dry irritated spots as well as for cuticles.

Do I recommend Smith's Rosebud Salve? Yes and no.

If you're looking for an outstanding lip care product, no. If you're looking for a basic all purpose salve you can keep in your purse, yes. Plus, the tin does look a little more elegant than a jar of petroleum jelly.

Update: It is available in tube form. You can see it below when you click on the link for Rosebud Perfume Co. :)

Only three ingredients: cotton seed oil, the main vegetable oil produced in the United-States in the 1940s gives this balm stability and longer shelf life. Aromol, a secret oil blend which has been trademarked. It does have oil derived from roses. Petrolatum.

You can learn more about the history of the Rosebud Perfume Co. as well as see their other offerings, here.

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