Sunday, May 5, 2013

Benefit's Real Birthday Turn-Ons!

I received this as a gift at Sephora a few weeks ago, in fact one week before my birthday on April 13th. These are my first Benefits products, ever! I have been eying their blushes and bronzers for a while now but haven't purchased any yet. Their cute but bulky presentation are the main reason I haven't taken the plunge yet but eventually I will try, I know I will.

In the box, They're Real! mascara and Watt's Up! highlighter.

Watt's Up! highlighter

This I was disappointed and happy at the same time to get. I can be weird like that sometimes... Disappointed because I stay away from shimmer and have been doing so for years. Even when I was a makeup artist, there where highlighters on the market, although they didn't go by that name. Estée Lauder released several liquid formulas way back when. Every Spring there would be some gold shimmer, pink, or bronze available. These did not sell well because women didn't want to try them. Even with the most perfect application it was, most of the time, a no go.

Fast forward several years and I must admit, I'm starting to reconcile myself with them. The formulas are different, more refined and easier to use.

The name, Watt's Up! is fun and the formula quite nice. It's a light champagne beige cream that's a little on the dry side so it can be applied over powder. I've used it on the brow bones and lightly on cheek bones. The results, as it turned out, more natural than I imagined it would be. I didn't look like the wattage of my face had been turned on to the point that I had become a beacon for ships in the night!

Few, what a relief. Now would I use this product everyday, would the purchase of the full size, $36.00 be a good investment for me? No.

The presentation of the regular size is quite nice 
with it's two sides for precise application.

What I've been enjoying recently are satiny finishes. Using them eliminates the need for such a product for me and this little sample will likely last me a long time. The regular size would probably last me years so I don't see the point but for someone who likes to use this type of product, it's a very good quality highlighter, good lasting power and the shimmer is quite fine so very natural depending on how much you apply but again, I find the price a bit on the high side.

They're Real! mascara

This mascara was such a revelation that the week after receiving it I went back to Sephora and got the full size! Worth every penny of the $29.00 price! I've been using it on and off (testing other mascaras at the same time) for about 3 weeks and will bring you a full review of it shortly.

Do I like it? So far it's "da bomb"!!!

Here the regular size along with the sample size that 
made me discover this fab mascara!

Again, full review coming up shortly, I swear! :D

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