Friday, May 24, 2013

Biotherm Eau de Paradis / Review

Did you know Biotherm has five different fragrances? Yes, they do and they are all fabulously delicious!

Eau d'Énergie (orange)
Energizing body spray. The fragrance, notes of orange pulp, mandarin, physalis, lemon, apricot pulp and fresh jasmine.

Eau Vitaminée (yellow)
Uplifting body spray. The fragrance, a blend of citrus fruits, with sweet orange, pink grapefruit, citrus leaf and orange flower.

Eau Pure (aqua)
Invigorating body spray. The fragrance, green fruits, green tea, lime and kiwi.

Eau Océane (blue)
Vivifying body spray. The fragrance, as per Biotherm: Top notes, a zesty splash of bergamot, citrus and water-based fruits. Heart notes: a second wave of feminine and floral blends of jasmine and cascalone. Base notes, deep aquatic notes of freshly-crushed algae, musk and cedarwood.

Eau de Paradis (pink)
Sensual body spray. Red fruits of paradise, pomegranate, raspberry, blueberry and blackcurrant.

To visit Biotherm's website, click on the image.

They are all lovely and I truly would have taken more than one but the local drugstore I went to recently only had Eau du Paradis left in this nice promotional/purse size.

I just love these smaller sizes and think they should always be available. So convenient, they can be kept in our purses if we want a boost of freshness during the day. They also give us the opportunity to really try a fragrance without having to invest too much.

Biotherm Eau de Paradis body spray... 

Created by Bernard Ellena in 2010, it starts with lemon, red berries, blueberry, black current and pomegranate. This is followed by rose and freesia. Definitely rose which I've been liking a lot these days. It ends with Lebanese cedar and sandalwood with a bit of musk. It had me at lemon and kept me happy with it's rose aroma. Fruity and sweet, I never thought I'd be going for this category of fragrance but for some reason I've been drawn to them more and more recently..

The small size I purchased had a regular price of $17.99 but had been reduced to $13.99. The full sizes of Biotherm body fragrances are $54.00 for 100 ml which remains quite affordable.

On my skin's chemistry Eau de Paradis lasted a good six hours without having to layer it over a moisturizer. I find this pretty good. Flowery and sweet, quite nice for summer.

These are body sprays but a word of caution, given the fact that the fragrance lasts so long, I'd be careful about using too much, it could end up being unpleasant for people around you. I sprayed it on my arms mainly and a little on my legs since I was wearing capris that day and it was enough for a light sillage.

If you want a light fruity, sweet and "rosy" fragrance for Summer, do sample Biotherm's Eau de Paradis, it just might be your go to for the hot season and if ever it turns out to be a horrible one, weather wise, well at least you'll smell "summery".

If you live in Europe, you can get the shower gel as well as the body lotion. You can view them, here.

Just sayin' since today is pretty bad outside. Like I said already this week, May started with a bang but turned on us. :(

*fingers crossed* it changes soon...

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