Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Diorskin Nude Tan Paradise Duo / Review

I am a weak person! No sense on control, easily influenced and totally incapable of resisting temptation!!!

A few weeks ago I had mentioned going on a no buy! I had made a few purchases, some to replace items I was low on and a few little indulgences. After having spend such a hard winter I had figured that my daughter and I had deserved a few goodies.

I was done! No buy...  I had promised!

*raises fist* Seems I can't even keep promises... I make to myself!

Oh well! Am I happy I succumbed to this temptation? Ooooh yesss!!!

Meet my new Precious...

Hmmm after this do you really neeeed a review?

Ok I guess you do!

Diorskin Nude Tan Paradise Duo in 002 Coral Glow

As far as the blogosphere is concerned I am, again, a little late to the party. This has been out for a while now. Some lucky bloggerettes have tried, swatched and reviewed this already even if this hasn't been in stores for long (in fact they didn't have it at Sephora yet, I purchased it at The Bay). That's fine, I'm not jealous... *nose growing*

So smitten by this compact I think I would have purchased it regardless of the product it holds! I know, a little stupid but what can I say, I love a beautiful compact. This one, as a bonus, has quite the nice goody to enjoy a luminous coralish glow this Summer!

After all, I did need a coral blush...

Ok I could have gone with M.A.C, Tarte or Benefit but, this one was way tooooo pretty to overlook and it comes with the cutest little brush ever that even has it's own little protective pouch!!!

I mean come on ladies! Who can resist?

The price may be a good deterrent but in my case, I consider it my Mother's Day present to myself. I did break my "no buy" but for a good reason, did I not?

Sorry for my bit of rambling, you still haven't had your review, here goes...

The compact, made of a beautiful shiny silver finish comes with a protective pouch. This means it will keep it's good look for a good while and also, since the pouch fits tightly it kind of "cleans" the surface every time I take out the compact. Remember I passed on YSL's powder compact for fear of always having to wipe  finger prints? For that reason I ended up getting Givenchy. Also the fact that Dior's is embossed also makes smudges less noticeable. No clasp, it's held tightly shut with magnets.

This beautiful combo is from Dior's Bird of Paradise Collection, Été / Summer 2013 and it comes in two color combinations: Pink Glow and Coral Glow. I tried Pink Glow but for some reason, the pink didn't show  much on my skin but Coral Glow came out beautifully and like I said, I needed a coral blush. I recently purchased a M.A.C pink blush that I'm quite pleased with and since I don't wear pink every day, no need to have a second one for now, especially at that price!

This is the best I could do to show you the colors. The bronzer side is not too dark, not too light and with just the right amount of shimmer for a natural look. Sheer, it's easily buildable and I believe would suit light to medium colored skin. For dark carnations it may not fair so well so make sure you not only try it in the store but do walk outside to see the results. The blush side, perfect coral! Not too pink and not too orange. You don't need much for it to show and it too has just the right amount of shimmer. Again I shouldn't say shimmer but satin finish. Your face is not going to shine, it will glow, period!

For some reason I found the little brush included a little stiff and using it created a bit of extra powder as you can see below. I'll probably recycle it for something else and will see after it's been cleaned a few times, it may very well get softer. It still is, super cute but I didn't buy this for the brush.

See the fall out created with the little brush.

It sells for $56.00 which is a little on the expensive side but like I said, this is my early Mother's Day gift to moi. Also, on the day I purchased it something special happened and whatever the outcome, I will remain proud of myself and this will be a nice reminder.

So now go get your own, this one is mine!

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