Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Nuxe Sun for Total Glamour?

I just received this in my in-box, an offer for a chance to try new Nuxe Tanning Oil SPF 10...

...Yes you read right, SPF 10!

A dry tanning oil with an "anti-aging cell protection" for a glamorous tan!!! A natural and non blotchy tan!!! Oh and it's for face and body.

Ok so last time I checked, any tan is a bad tan! Of course the sun is there for a reason and hiding completely from it would be totally unrealistic. Still, dermatologists keep warning us about the risks of skin cancer and sun exposure. Here is a product that if you only read the first part, the promotional part, encourages you to go out there and bake!

After seeing this I went on Nuxe's website to get more information. No complete list, only the "star" ingredients are mentioned so there's not way of verifying how protective it really is.

When you scroll down that you can read the following prescriptions...

To wear sunglasses, put on some clothes if your skin is sensitive to the sun on top of sun protection, wear a hat, drink lots of water, etc.

Now of course you'll need to do all this with a SPF 10! Even my daughter wouldn't consider this oil.

Nuxe Sun also offers a creamy body spray of SPF 20 and a face protective cream of SPF 30.

I love Nuxe's Huile Prodigieuse, I have Crème Fraîche in both regular and light versions but I'm sorry, these are just not for me and I'm not sure anyone should consider them since I don't believe they offer enough protection, especially come vacation time if you plan any outdoor activities.

Avène, La Roche Posay, Ombrelle, Shiseido to name only these, should be looked at way before in my book.

Do note that I am not an anti-sun maniac! I do wear an SPF day moisturizer but only wear SPF protection on the rest of my body when I know I'll be outside more than my usual "getting to the gazebo and back". My daughter does wear an SPF 60 every day and she will, more than likely, have a buttery glow by the end of Summer but the way I see it, she needs her high dose of vitamin D.

I totally respect the fact that the Sun is viewed differently in North America as it is in Europe but I think it would have been good of Beauté-test, the website that sent me this offer, to promote the face cream instead. With it's SPF of 30, it would have been not only more suitable for a larger number of people but it would have sent the message that a good protection is important not only to avoid wrinkles but skin cancer.

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