Saturday, May 18, 2013

Essie Fifth Avenue / Review

It's a beautiful red orange I didn't even know I had or I should say I can't remember when I purchased it. I admit, this is not the best picture but I'm doing the best I can, I swear! :)

Two coats with one coat of Sèche Vite

The application of the first coat went like a breeze. I waited about 20 minutes and for the second coat and to my surprise, it became streaky on a few nails. I know that with every brand, formula, depending on the shade can be hit or miss and with Essie I've been lucky so far. Still, when it streaks it's usually on the first coat. I guess 20 minutes wasn't enough drying time before going for the second coat. Shown here is two coats with a coat of Sèche Vite.

It lasted a good four days without any tip wear which I find pretty good. I should have removed it yesterday, the fifth day but toughed it out and did that today.

As you can see, it was about time! I rarely wait so long I swear. This is the kind of look I just can't stand, dull with tip wear.

So far I haven't been disappointed with any of the essie colors I've purchased. Good quality for a low price is always nice! This color didn't last quite as long and the streaking was a little annoying but that's when I compare it with the others I own. I've had worse results with more expensive nail polishes.

All in all, this one was kind of average but will not deter me from buying other essie colors.

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