Saturday, May 4, 2013

It could have been perfect! Iron Man 3, a little Clarins...

So my daughter and I went downtown to see Iron Man 3. Since we got there a little early I took the opportunity to stop by The Bay. I wanted to swatch a Clarins product to go with something I recently purchased. No I will not tell you what just now!

I went, I swatched, I purchased...

The Clarins SA was super sweet and helpful, nothing to say about that. She even graciously gave a sample of a product I've been wanting to try for a while now. We went to see the movie and on our way back, while waiting for the Metro I wanted to put on my new goody.

She sold me the WRONG color!!!

By then it was too late to go exchange it, the store was closed. Why oh why is this happening again? For some mysterious reason every time I forget to double check at the store this always happens to me. If only it was a different color, something I don't already have but noooo!

At least the movie was good!

We looooved it!!! I'm such an overgrown kid and superhero nerd now I can't wait for these...

If you don't know who Henry Cavill is yet, well, lets just say that he is dreamy! As the Man of Steel... Yikes!

Two words: Chris Hemsworth

Of course this I just can't miss... I am a Mega Trekkie

Hmm you really want to know why I want to see this one???

Can I be more of a nerd??? But hey come on, the guys starring is all of these...  Eye Candy!

Oh well, I'm a big girl and I'm fine with my "nerdiness". Until I get to see all these, back to the store I will have to go to return my Clarins item.

Did I tell ya we loved the movie.... and yes, we ate everything and I even splurged on a $7.00 popcorn on top of what we already had. A real little movie pig out! :D

I'm not preparing any food tonight! Grapes and a little cheese to get my stomach back to normal and I should be my old self by morning.

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