Thursday, May 16, 2013

M.A.C Temperature Rising Summer 2013

As per M.A.C...

Summer's most sensual scene is captured in a seductive color collection sure to make your temperature rise.

The imagery is indeed sensual and provocative. The colors are interesting but sadly here we don't really know which the model is wearing snd so we can't really go for "that look" due to the lighting. Usually we can have a pretty good idea of which colors a model is wearing and if we like it we buy it. Here, no idea!

Click on the image to visit M.A.C website and see them up close. The quads with their $52.00 price, are getting pretty close to Dior quits at $60.00 and more expensive than an Estée Lauder quint which goes for $50.00. Something to think about.

Temperature Rising Bronzing, now this I find exciting!

From left to right: two Bronzing Powder, Refined Golden & Soft Sand, $30.00 each and 
two Pro Longwear Bronzing Powder, Nude On Board & Sun Dipped, $36.00 each.

Strobe Liquid Lotion for a soft radiant light on skin. $40.00 for 50 ml.
To The Beach Bronzing Body Oil for sheer sheen and sexy gleam. $27.00 for 50 ml. 

Also part of the collection...

Makeup Bag, $41.00 

167 SH Face Blender $42.00

Any thoughts about this new collection? Me, I know I'll be having a closer look at the body oil and the lipsticks.

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