Friday, May 31, 2013

NARS Larger Than Life Lip Gloss / Review

I received a small size of NARS Larger Than Life Lip Gloss in Gold Digger when I purchased Tolède Satin Lipstick (which I'm still loving by the way, reviewed here). All excited, when I got home and opened it, looked at the little tiny brush, well what can I say, I was disappointed.

Now that didn't last long! For this gloss, this brush is quite appropriate. It's precise and prevents applying too much especially  since a little goes a long way. Still, I did have to dip the brush a few times to get an even finish. To put it to the test, I wore it alone. A transparent gloss loaded with gold glitter, it would not have been my first choice but since it was a gift I was more than happy to try it. A little sticky at first, I think it's actually the thickest gloss formula I've tried so far but I must say that after about an hour it becomes quite comfortable and just like NARS Satin Lipstick, it has no taste.

The shimmer, which was truly spread evenly on my lips, lasted a good 5 hours and it was still visible after eating. Oh and I didn't end up with gold specs all over the lower part of my face like it happened recently with another gloss for which I'll bring you a review soon.

It is of course a smaller size gloss but the brush is the same. 
Sorry about the big thumb, I wanted to give you a better idea. 
As you can see it's quite small.

If you like glitters, NARS Gold Digger won't disappoint. Me I think I'll keep it to use once in a while, lightly in the middle of my lower lip for it's that shiny. Still, having said that, I would think that the other colors wouldn't need to be applied over a lipstick. They appear so pigmented that it would be pointless. Now I'm curious about this little brush and how it performs for the other versions of NARS Larger Than Life glosses. It's perfect to deposit a small amount but for the entire lips it may become annoying after a while. We'll see, hopefully I'll get to try one soon.

Guess what's on my nails? Chanel Taboo of course! :)

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