Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fall is barely a few days old and yes, I have a cold!

At the end of last week Catherine got home from school and it was clear she was starting a cold. I did all I could to avoid it, wiping every surfaces (especially my lap top which she prefers to hers), washing my hands almost every thirty minutes or so, in fact I thought I was going to be the stronger one...

The cold won!

Not surprising since these days I'm pretty stressed and don't sleep too well. Suck it up and get through it is all I can do. Hopefully the worst is behind me. Yesterday afternoon was just pitiful, super congested, feverish, the works! Last night was a little better but my skin felt raw. I hate that feeling when my skin feels super sensitive and dry to the touch. I had to give it a little TLC.

The little extra I did for my skin...

Since in the morning I wasn't feeling so bad I had put on makeup, cleansing was a must but given the fact I could barely breathe through my nose, using a foaming cleanser with water wasn't an option.

Here's what I did... 

A spray of Avène Thermal Water

A good blob of Avène Redness-relief Dermo-cleansing milk, which I removed with a baby washcloth. The textured side for face and neck provided gentle exfoliation so my skin felt soft after. No need for scrubs which I've gotten rid of completely. I finished off with Marcelle Micellar Soothing Cleansing Water to remove eye makeup (my bottle is almost empty, it's on my list to repurchase).

Another spray of Avène Thermal Water

A thick coat of Nuxe Crème Fraîche on face and neck. I would have loved to do a yogurt mask but again I could barely breathe and if I had needed to blow my nose it would have been a mess. I'm not much of a mask person but something cool on my face would have felt soooo good. Anyways, Nuxe did the job. It's a beautiful cream which does refresh on contact. It's not for nothing that it's called Crème Fraîche (fresh cream). I waited about fifteen minutes and removed what my skin hadn't absorbed.

Kiehl's Avocado Cream, lightly under each eye to avoid dehydration which I'm prone to when I don't sleep well. I transferred two samples into a tiny jar. I may eventually buy a full size but I'm not sure yet since unrefined shea butter works very nicely and is not as pricey.

Nuxe Rêve de Miel Lip Balm, a thick coat to keep my lips looking normal and feel comfortable.


This morning I'm feeling a little better even if I had a bad night. At least my skin doesn't look it and yes I did my makeup! Doing so helps me psychologically because when I look at myself in the mirror, not looking sick gives me a boost. If I would have stayed in my pj's with a sick looking face, back to bed I would go and since I don't have any fever there's no reason to do this. This afternoon may be another story but for now I got stuff to do!

What's your skin care routine when your sick! 

PS: make sure to patch test any new skin care item especially if you are acne/clog prone. 

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