Sunday, September 15, 2013

Notable Reads, Vol. 21...

My Mini Quest...

Recently I've been wondering, what's up with people in Quebec and computers? More particularly, going online. One would think most are scared of the Web and It's almost like they are totally unaware of the amount of free information that's out there and that's on any subject. When I tell people I have a blog they look at me in almost amazement! Their mouths make the shape of a big "O" which sometimes leaves me wondering if they think I'm from another planet! Now this week I was more than pleased to bring to you a list of blogs worthy of following. Among my favorites, I could only nominate 15 for The Versatile Blogger but believe me, all the ones I follow are deserving of the same type of spotlight. Sadly, some of you may have noticed that there was only one written in French, Le Lapin qui Sautille so I figured I would try to find others.

Beauty blogging in Quebec... 

... seems to clearly be in it's infancy. This week my mini quest was to try to find blogs written in French, addressed to Quebec women. My first reason was curiosity and the second well, I figured I might be able to learn something. I have a French counterpart to Icaria's but even if I'm French speaking to begin with, I find writing in la langue de Molière extremely intimidating. In other words it seems I've kind of lost it! I just read my last entry and spotted several mistakes! Ouch!

So again, we are left with very few choices as far a free beauty information in French is concerned, comments, reviews and swatches of products, I haven't found much of that. European blogs yes but none really worthy to follow are from Quebec. Of the ones I've found, some try too much to write like journalists while others are clearly beginners with very basic writing skills. Now please don't take me for a snob! I'm all for everyone expressing themselves and blogging is a grand way to do this. There is a niche for everyone and that's the beauty of the Web. I'm clearly not the best writer but I've improved a lot since I've started as I'm sure will be the case for those bloggers just starting out. I just don't have the time to follow them and can't recommend them at this point.

Finally I found one!

Totally by accident on a day I wasn't looking. Great layout, excellent pictures but above all, good, unpretentious writing and in fact, she reminds me of some of my English writing blogguerette friends. A super smart detail, several of her entries have English titles and this I'm sure attracts more traffic to her blog. So if you want to practice your French, a different kind of French than in France have a look at CrystalCandy Makeup Blog. This 27 yrs old cat lover writes short, to the point entries about the products she tries and likes but mostly about what's available here in Quebec and that's refreshing!

Woman at Her Toilette, 1875/80
Berthe Morisot (1841-1895)

What caught my attention this week...

Not that many links this week, I'm sorry about that. I've been a little busy and the time I had for blogging was concentrated on the entries I posted.

Mega Comparison: Drugstore Eyeshadow Primers, Brightest Bulb In The Box. A look at what's available at the drugstore. See which one came out on top. If only it was available here, well it is but it's hard to find.

How shitty is this?, The Unknown Beauty Blog. You must read this little jewel by Olivia, you just must!

Doll Heads Are Officially The Creepiest Trend Of New York Fashion Week, Huffington Post. In my opinion, this trend does look disturbing. I guess next up will be personalised pictures for nails!

The Weekend Post #89 : Online Beauty Shopping, Vivianna Does Makeup. This link is mainly for my UK/European followers, truly a great resource.

A Nice Accolade, by me. Do have a look at my list of 15.

Icaria's Food Blog...

... has been a little abandoned for now. The main problem is that I have issues with picture taking. Everything looks so orangy and not that appetizing so I'm trying to figure something out.

For your viewing enjoyment...

The first time I saw this it was tweeted by Tracy from Beauty Reflections. If you haven't heard about this one yet well... just have a look!

Have a great week everyone! Hélène xoxo

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