Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Diorshow Iconic Mascara / Review...

Most of you already know that my absolute favorite mascara so far is, Benefit They're Real! mascara. I would, if I could, repost my original review everytime I repurchase but it would end up being redundent and boring to you so, I just have to move on and try others!

Diorshow Iconic Mascara in 090 Black...

Originally I wanted to get Diorshow Iconic Overcurl but was told this newest member of Dior's mascara line up had a slightly dryer formula and looking at the tester, it did seem quite creamy and stable so I figured why not?

The claims...

...An extra-hold formula that provides 24 hour-curl with 100% smudge-proof results.

How did I use it?

As with any other creamy mascara I usually take the wand out once without pumping to avoid putting air in the container and yes, there's usually enough product on the brush to do both eyes.

This one I must admit took me a little by surprise. The brush definitely needs some getting used to, why? The silicone bristles are so close to one another that they don't seem to grab on every lash when in fact it should be the opposite and so it did require some work to have all my lashes covered. Also, you have to turn the wand a little as you go since the bristles are lined up in a star shape pattern horizontaly. Oh and I've had to get used to the length of the wand itself, I had forgoten about that. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think Dior makes the longest ones.

After a few days I did get the hang of it. Two coats give nice long neatly separated lashes. No feathering, my lashes stayed looking neat all day which would mean a good twelve hours.

It's not obvious on pictures but there are spaces between the perfectly lined up spiky silicone bristles so you have to "turn" the wand as you apply the mascara to grab your lashes.

How did it perform? Nicely.

As with any other mascara, on me it didn't keep the curl on it's own. For that I had to heat my lash curler as usual but once I was done, it did last the entire day. For that it's a winner! It did last all day but do know that I didn't test the 24 hour-curl claim since I had other things to do including, sleep!

Do I recommend Diorshow Iconic Mascara? Yes & no.

Yes because the end result is beautifully defined silky looking lashes with no clumps that stay put all day with no flaking. It's a lighter more natural look.

No if you're in a hurry in the morning. This one is definitely more for lengthening so if you want thicker lashes it will need at least two if not three coats. As already mentioned, there's room for improvement as far as the brush is conserned. The reason it takes longer to apply is the bristles don't go all the way around, they're set in a star shape kind of way and so they don't always grab lashes.

Years ago Dior was my go to brand for mascaras, they used to have this gorgeous deep burgundy that I repurchased many times... It was perfect for green eyes! Even if I'm a little disappointed about the brush of Diorshow Iconic, the formula makes up for it and I will definitely try the other Dior mascaras to compare. :)

Have your tried Dior mascaras? Which is your favorite?

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