Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Mavala Minute Quick Finish Top Coat / Review...

Last spring, some of you may remember, I purchased three Mavala nail polishes which can be seen, here. As an update, I've ended up wearing Paris a few times this summer and really have nothing negative to say about it. Each time it applied easily and lasted a good five days with hardly any tip wear. My guess is that not all colors are created equal hence the bad reputation Mavala seems to have in some circles.

I don't recal if it was a review or a comment made by Gio from Beautiful With Brains but I remember her mentioning a Mavala top coat as being pretty good. At $3.49 a bottle I figured why not give it a try as I did with the nail polishes?

How did it perform? Quite nicely thank you!

Ok now hold on to your seats... It performed better than Seche Vite on my Guerlain Madame Batifole nail polish!

I kid you not!

The very same Seche Vite I raved about back in February (here) started to PEELE two days after application!!! I was not a happy girl and so that's when I decided I was done with it! Finito! Adios! I know Seche Vite gets lots of love but also a bit of hate. The strong smell and the shrinkage issues are what's mostly hated about it. Until now I was ok with it but this reaction to Guerlain's nail polish was the last straw!

Look at the shine after 5 days! In all fairness, something happened to my ring finger nail as if it had been too close to a heat source and so it had shrunk a little on the second day. I was sure it would chip in no time but it didn't. This is why the tip wear seems more obvious on that nail than on the others. Oh and notice how Madame Batifole looks better on shorter nails? The color here is a little wonky but believe me, it's the perfect berry color for fall.

Mavala Minute Quick Finish...

Kept my nails looking shiny and chip free five days and for me, given all the typing and stuff I do it's pretty good especially considering the price of the little bottle. It's not the best but it's not the worst and it can definitely hold it's own against Sally Hansen's Mega Shine. It took about 3 / 5 minutes to dry (some say 1 minute but I didn't take the chance of touching it) but I was careful for at least 15 minutes as usual. Unlike SH it didn't pick up any color which I appreciated a lot. Some say that after a few days it tends to yellow a little but since I was wearing it over a dark color I didn't get to see that. In my opinion Madame Batifole kept its true color the entire time.

Would I recommend Mavala Minute Quick Finish? Yes.

As I've said it's not the best but it clearly is not the worst and it's perfect to keep in a little makeup bag at the office or to take on vacation given the size of the bottle. It's also perfect if like me, you're in between two brands. As you know I want to bring you as many reviews as possible and this Mavala Top Coat with its low price was just waiting to be reviewed and a nice pickup given the fact that it performs real well.


Makeup Alley: 3.5 / 5 lippies for 4 reviews.
Beauté-test: 4.2 / 5 stars for 42 reviews.

Up untill now, which would you say is your favorite top coat ever? 

I want to know which one to try next! :)

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