Friday, September 13, 2013

A Nice Accolade...

A nice accolade...

Recently I got a nice surprise, I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award! This is really a nice thought and so thank you Alice from Making Me Blush a new blog totally worth a look.

This means it's now my turn to nominate 15 blogs. Not an easy task since most of the ones I follow on a daily basis are quite established so I've decided to go with the ladies who have no awards listed on their pages. Some I follow through Bloglovin, some are on my blogroll and others I follow through Twitter. In fact several are Twitter buddies

So guys, if you've already received this since I think it goes around a little, take it as a big hug from me and thank you for all the great information! xoxo

In no particular order but I did start with Canadian blogs...

Beauty Reductionista

Maggie's Makeup

Le Lapin qui Sautille!

Mostly Sunny

The Unknown Beauty Blog

Kiss & Make-up Beauty Blog

Expat Make-Up Addict

Beautiful With Brains

Chic Profile

Pretty Gloss

Beauty in The Mirror

Beauty Balm


Bella Chique

The Beauty Sample

Seven facts about me...

1. Thankful for my daughter.
2. We have a dog, Julius (5) and a cat, Fifi (9) that we love to pieces.
3. I love lemons in any form.
4. I tend to be a perfectionist.
5. I hate Winter and dream of moving to a warmer climate.
6. I think I've developed a mild case of nail polish addiction.
7. I used to be a makeup artist, a long long time ago...

Again, thank you Alice!

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